Gallery Under-way!

Posted by Siobhan on 17 August 2016 with 0 Comments

It’s taking a while, but the gallery section of the site is now well under way! I have currently re-added over 700 photoshoot images and a small collection of magazine scans.


Next week I will be adding photos from all of the red carpet events Saoirse has attended, and I will also begin adding official photographs from her various projects so be sure to check back soon!

Welcome to Simply Saoirse!

Posted by Siobhan on 05 August 2016 with 2 Comments

Hello, welcome to Simply Saoirse. When the previous owners of decided they no longer wanted to run a fan site, I felt I couldn’t leave such a lovely Saoirse-shaped hole on the internet. So here goes – soon we’ll be full to the brim with photos, media and news – so please do check back soon!