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art pieces
 Art Pieces - art pieces

Art Pieces – art pieces | art pieces

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — In the attainable art world, there are conversations on how to accumulate a spotlight on it.

Whether is a shiny, new allotment or one that has asperous decades of actuality in one place, one affair is for abiding – attainable art is important and starts a conversation.

Adrian Gomez Journal Arts Editor

New Mexico is brimming of it. Every bend in the accompaniment – from government barrio to attainable spaces – are abounding with pieces of all sizes. Anniversary abacus a pop of culture.

Michelle Laflamme-Childs is the controlling administrator of New Mexico Arts and has a front-row bench to the absolute process.

“Public art adds amount to the amplitude it resides in,” Laflamme-Childs says. “The appulse of art is appealing amazing.”

New Mexico Arts is the accompaniment arts bureau and a analysis of the Department of Cultural Affairs, which provides banking abutment for arts casework and programs to non-profit organizations statewide and to administrate the 1% attainable art affairs for the accompaniment of New Mexico.

Laflamme-Childs best out bristles destinations breadth one can responsibly amusing distance, as able-bodied as get out of the abode on a alley trip.

Santa Fe

Paula Castillo’s, “my home over there, now i bethink it” is amid at the access to the New Mexico History Museum, 113 Lincoln Avenue in Santa Fe.

Castillo’s pieces were installed in 2009 and the artisan basic the basic the assignment to highlight the alien argumentation of acceptance in New Mexico.

art pieces
 20 Absolutely Stunning Art Pieces for Your Home - art pieces

20 Absolutely Stunning Art Pieces for Your Home – art pieces | art pieces

It includes “barco,” “dos arboles, dos hermanas” and “Rio Grande Colcha.”

The access to the architecture was the absolute agent to action the ambience to the ballsy adventure of New Mexico for Castillo.

“Rio Grande Colcha” is allotment of Paula Castillo’s accession at the New Mexico History Architecture in Santa Fe. (Courtesy of Paula Castillo)

“In a archetypal epic, the ambience about includes an angel of the cosmos and actuality that cosmos absolutely is the ambiance of New Mexico: the river, the mountains, and the forests. This is home,” she says.

Laflamme-Childs says Castillo’s assignment has consistently been grounding.

“Her assignment is simple yet complex,” Laflamme-Childs says. “When the apple feels like it’s spinning out of control, I see this allotment of art and it feels grounding. I feel centered attractive at this and gives me achievement that things will get better.”


With the $26 actor advance of the Golden Library into the Golden Student Success Center on Eastern New Mexico’s campus, there came an befalling to add some art to the campus.

ENMU took advantage of the befalling and purchased nine sculptures for the breadth – “A Tall Drink of Water” by Suzanne Kane; “The Hive” by ModTribe Design (Taylor and Jenny); “Mercurio” by Elizabeth Akamatsu; “Golden Sky Sunrise” by Ray Steffens; “Prairie Moon” by Janna Tidwell; “Fly Away” by Gino Miles; “Spirit of the Wind” by Ross Barrable; “Grama Grass Ballet” by Owen William Fritts; and “Corona” by Greg Reiche.

“A Tall Drink of Water” by Suzanne Kane is one of nine attainable art pieces about the Golden Student Success Center on Eastern New Mexico’s campus in Portales. (Courtesy of Eastern New Mexico University)

Laflamme-Childs says the pieces accept alone been up for a few years and were purchased afore the accompaniment did a big ambit of funds in 2016-17.

“There was money set abreast for projects and we didn’t apperceive what the ambit was activity to do,” she says. “We encouraged organizations to buy artwork from our acquirement program, which is faster. The university bought a agglomeration of sculptures and added so abundant to its campus. These pieces are a little alfresco of the box, but it expresses what the academy is about. These are chat starters.”

Las Cruces

New Mexico Accompaniment University additionally had money from basic outlay projects. Instead of accomplishing agency projects, it bought from the state’s acquirement program.

“Seed Pods,” by Jeff Zischke is allotment of the abounding pieces of attainable art amid on New Mexico Accompaniment University’s campus in Las Cruces. (Courtesy of Wes Pulkka)

“Colleges are absolutely accompaniment adjourned and every architecture that is congenital with basic outlay money, 1% of that goes appear attainable art,” Laflamme-Childs says. “Campuses accept bags of money and every already in awhile, they don’t accept the time to agency pieces, so they accept to buy a lot of attainable art at once. They did an amazing job of acrimonious out pieces that accompaniment the campus.”

A allotment that sticks out to Laflamme-Childs is “Seed Pods,” by Jeff Zischke.

The apple carve is amid outside, east of the Communication Sciences Architecture in the McFie Circle Desert Carve Garden.

“I anticipate decayed metal looks acceptable in our landscape,” she says. “The way it works itself into the accord of its ambiance is wonderful.”

Truth or Consequences

North of Las Cruces is Truth or Consequences – and home to Spaceport America.

At the access sits “GENESIS” by Otto Rigan which was installed in 2014.

The 11,000-pound, 40-foot-long by 5-foot abysmal animate carve is an arc adverse upward. Inlaid into the metal are annular bottle pieces absolute mirrors that represent the stars.

The carve “GENESIS” is amid at the access of Spaceport America. (Courtesy of Otto Rigan)

In 2012, he was one of the 222 artists who submitted proposals to the DCA.

Laflamme-Childs says because the carve is amid on the ambagious abreast the entrance, the attainable can appearance it and is accessible.

“No. 1, it’s gorgeous,” she says. “I adulation the way it references space. The way it looks like it has stars in it. The complete alarmist in me is aflame because it has a ‘2001: A Amplitude Odyssey’ feel.”


On the campus of Central New Mexico Association College sits “Growing Strength,” by Karen Yank.

Yank is no drifter to accepting attainable art displayed as she has abounding pieces amid about Albuquerque.

Center area of the three-part “Growing Strength” awe-inspiring carve by Karen Yank alfresco the Jeanette Stromberg Library on the Central New Mexico Association College campus.

“Growing Strength” is a five-part 20-foot-tall CorTen and stainless-steel anatomy with aluminum basement sections, which offers an alternate experience. It was installed in 2017.

Yank advised the allotment to emblemize the ability of apprenticeship to strengthen the bonds of individuals with their community.

Laflamme-Childs says Yank’s carve was one of the aboriginal projects she formed on back dispatch into the attainable art role at New Mexico Arts.

“CNM basic a allotment what would be ample calibration and redefine the campus and its entrance,” she says. “They basic bodies to be able to besiege about it. The allotment is so amoebic and it’s absolutely what they asked for. This one is a stunner.”

Art Pieces Seven Fantastic Vacation Ideas For Art Pieces – art pieces
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