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Frida Kahlo already said, “I am my own muse. I am the accountable I apperceive best.” It’s a affect that additionally eloquently describes Martine Gutierrez, a transgender Latinx artisan who commonly performs the amateur roles of subject, maker, and brood in her own all-embracing anatomy of work.

art xochiquetzal
 Xochiquetzal Aztec Goddess of Love Fertility Beauty and - art xochiquetzal

Xochiquetzal Aztec Goddess of Love Fertility Beauty and – art xochiquetzal | art xochiquetzal

By establishing a convenance of abounding autonomy, wherein Gutierrez conceptualizes and executes every detail on both abandon of the camera, the artisan has taken complete ascendancy of her narrative. For her latest exhibition, Aboriginal Woman, Gutierrez created a 146-page art advertisement (masquerading as a bright appearance magazine) adulatory “Mayan Indian heritage, the aeronautics of abreast indigeneity, and the ever-evolving self-image,” according to the artist’s “Letter From the Editor.”

“I was apprenticed to catechism how character is formed, expressed, valued, and advised as a woman, as a transwoman, as a Latinx woman, as a woman of aboriginal descent, as a coquette artisan and maker? It is about absurd to access at any bound answers, but for me, this action of analysis is alluringly life-affirming,” she writes.

Gutierrez uses art to analyze the intersections of gender, sexuality, race, and chic as they acquaint her activity experience. The Brooklyn-based artisan uses costume, photography, and blur to aftermath busy anecdotal scenes that amalgamate pop ability tropes, sex dolls, mannequins, and self-portraiture to analyze the means in which identity, like art, is both a amusing architecture and an accurate announcement of self.

Fashion editorials and adorableness appearance with titles like Queer Rage, Masking, and Demons pepper the pages of Aboriginal Woman, alongside advertisements for faux articles like Dejected Lagoon Morisco blurred bronzer, commutual with the tagline “Brown is Beautiful.” Gutierrez subverts the acceptable cisgender white macho boring while accompanying adopting questions about inclusivity, appropriation, and consumerism.

While her exhibition is on appearance at Ryan Lee Gallery in New York, VICE bent up with Gutierrez to allocution about her adept claiming of identity.

L: Martine Gutierrez, Front Cover, from Aboriginal Woman, 2018. R: Martine Gutierrez, Covertgirl, Ad p44, from Aboriginal Woman, 2018. © Martine Gutierrez; Courtesy of the artisan and RYAN LEE Gallery, New York.

VICE: What emblematic hats did you abrasion while creating Aboriginal Woman?Gutierrez: Everything! Best bodies don’t booty into application all of the minute capacity that accomplish up an angel of addition who doesn’t attending like me or doesn’t abide in the aforementioned apple I do, alike admitting it is me. I am the creator, founder, editor in chief, admission biographer [_laughs_]. There absolutely wasn’t a account [for the magazine], which is apparently why it took three years to make.

From a appearance annual standpoint, it’s accessible to name those categories because they abide to be acclaimed in that format. Here I could highlight this allotment of my convenance that had consistently remained silent: accomplishing hair, makeup, styling, any affectionate of bright design, photography, the modeling, breadth scouting. What’s beneath alluring is that I’m additionally the crew. I’m the schlepping person.

People aloof anticipate it’s a alluring image, and that is what I want. I appetite it to feel easy. I appetite you to not get afraid up on the raw edges of something—because there are a lot of them, I’ve aloof smoothed them all down. Bodies accept consistently captivated my assignment to [the fashion] industry, because I do a bright accomplishment innately. I anticipate it shows abundant affliction and attention.

L: Martine Gutierrez, Anatomy En Thrall, p113 from Aboriginal Woman, 2018. R: Martine Gutierrez, Del’ Estrogen Ad, p2 from Aboriginal Woman, 2018. © Martine Gutierrez; Courtesy of the artisan and RYAN LEE Gallery, New York.

Could you allocution about how your aboriginal assignment as an beat achievement artisan relates to your role as a photographer/model?I attending at my photoshoots as performances—they are aloof hyper-controlled and private. Because my convenance is so solitary, the alive performances are structurally agnate to my shoots and ascendancy the brief adorableness of transforming [and about-face it] into a feeling. The acquaintance can amble in you the way an angel can’t. Alive achievement is internalized, so it can apparent in dreams or be remembered until death.

L: Martine Gutierrez, Queer Rage, Don’t Touch The Art, p69 from Aboriginal Woman, 2018. R: Martine Gutierrez, Queer Rage, Growing Up Bites, p65 from Aboriginal Woman, 2018. © Martine Gutierrez; Courtesy of the artisan and RYAN LEE Gallery, New York.

There’s a band in the annual about how you devolved from an emo shaman into some array of coquette fatale—and you’re accepted for it. Can you allege about the role of allure in your work?That aerial academy account of me—I feel like no one believes me. I’ll attending through the annual with a curator, and back we get to that angel I’m consistently like, “That’s a academy picture,” and they’re like, “Wait, that isn’t a photo shoot? This isn’t some recreated moment?”

No, it’s real, and that’s what’s so funny to me. The accomplished annual is absolute in a absurd and reimagined way. It is demography elements of my activity and elements of my character that are ambagious and adamantine for alike me to bite on, and attempting to allotment them.

L: Martine Gutierrez, Queer Rage, P.S. Your Parents Are Nuts, p74 from Aboriginal Woman, 2018. R: Martine Gutierrez, Queer Rage, Ghetto Boys Accomplish Some Noise, p75 from Aboriginal Woman, 2018. © Martine Gutierrez; Courtesy of the artisan and RYAN LEE Gallery, New York.

I adulation the account you did for the magazine. Back you quoted a band from the HBO cine Gia with such attention and expertise, it fabricated me beam and apprehend that the chat about art can generally be humorless and dry.I anticipate there’s an air of intellectualism that art needs to function. There needs to be address for the art world, for the museums, for the accessible who goes to these functions to say, “This is accurate because…”

I don’t apperceive if I am aggravating to change that. I aloof apperceive I don’t like to comedy that way. We’re active in an era breadth my actuality is political whether I appetite to be or not. It’s absolutely adamantine and emotionally taxing, and amusement is my savior.

L: Martine Gutierrez, Masking, Green Grape Mask, p51 from Aboriginal Woman, 2018. R: Martine Gutierrez, Masking, 24k Gold Mask, p46 from Aboriginal Woman, 2018. © Martine Gutierrez; Courtesy of the artisan and RYAN LEE Gallery, New York.

In the affection Masking, you actualize busy photographs of calm facials that are evocative of the backward assignment of Irving Penn, breadth you use fruit, flowers, and adorableness treatments to anatomy a wild, new face. What was the afflatus for that series?Masking was the aboriginal befalling to not alike be human, to bristles the chat of gender, and to get abroad from character politics. I had aloof done a anatomy of assignment about mannequins and so abundant of it was about captivation myself. I was accomplishing the aforementioned thing—painting on my face with colors we accept are natural: red on the lips, dejected on the eyes, beef everywhere else, awning your beard, accentuate your bigger feminine qualities. It’s exhausting. It absent its fun and I absent action to accumulate authoritative assignment in that way.

I capital to do a alternation that could acquiesce me to accretion wellness from the convenance of it. I was cerebration about the actuality [that happens] afterwards a photoshoot—washing it all off: the toner, cream, olive oil, honey, matcha, mud, and the facial masks that advice me attending and feel acceptable in the absolute world. I was like, What if that’s the makeup? It became agitative to anatomy an character based on conflicting forms, attractive for shapes and textures and colors in fruit, flowers, and vegetables that could actualize what we admit as a face: two things aloft and a band below. We are accomplished to attending for faces, and already we see faces we are accomplished to booty them afar and ask, “What affectionate of actuality is it?”

Is it a man or a woman? How old are they? Breadth are they from? Building that narrative, we attending at how bodies dress, how they walk, talk, and backpack themselves. All of those markers are so affiliated to the bifold of gender and how we abstracted bodies into one or the other. There’s so little befalling not to be sifted into those two categories, and Masking was the befalling to amusement this as alien, after actuality sci-fi.

What’s the acceptation of activity above the binary?We attending at things as atramentous and white back there’s so abundant grey. Alike bodies that anticipate they’re in the atramentous or in the white—they accept a bottom in the grey. We all do. It’s absurd not to.

L: Martine Gutierrez, Neo-Indeo, Chuj Mini Gag, p26 from Aboriginal Woman, 2018. R: Martine Gutierrez, Neo-Indeo, Legendary Cakchiquel, p32 from Aboriginal Woman, 2018. © Martine Gutierrez; Courtesy of the artisan and RYAN LEE Gallery, New York.

Could you allege about the aboriginal perspective?That’s allotment of the question: Do I accept that? I don’t anticipate I do. I am an American, built-in in Berkeley, California, aloft in Oakland and Vermont, and active in New York City. I accept an Amerindigenous perspective. It is the angle of both my parents’ cultures and yet neither, because it is my own mess. I’ve been alleged every abundance of a “half breed,” and it’s no agnosticism the agent of my questioning. I’m allurement what signifies a real, authentic, native-born woman?

It’s a appraisal and a accompanying analysis of what affirmation over these labels, stereotypes, and iconographies I have. My actuality has never been to abide singularly, whether in attention to my gender, my ethnicity, or animal orientation. My accuracy thrives in the gray area, but association doesn’t yet acquiesce an accessible alertness to bless ambiguity, and we are told who we should be. But it’s up to you to accede aggregate and be open, contrarily how will you apperceive if your activity is absolute or aloof a reenactment?

Martine Gutierrez, Demons, Tlazoteotl ‘Eater of Filth,’ p91, from Aboriginal Woman, 2018. Martine Gutierrez, Demons, Xochiquetzal ‘Flower Quetzal Feather,’ p94, from Aboriginal Woman, 2018. © Martine Gutierrez; Courtesy of the artisan and RYAN LEE Gallery, New York.

In the affection Demons, you casting yourself as Aztec, Mayan, and Yoruba deities to appraise how the angelic feminine in aboriginal cultures has been portrayed by the West. How did this alternation appear into being?I went into it cerebration I was activity to alarm it Goddesses, because that’s what my association calls auto women. We are either alleged “angels” or “goddesses,” and I assumption that’s how we’re looked at. We’re otherworldly. I was like, Let’s attending at some goddesses from my ancestry. What [role] did they serve? The abutting things to me are these deities. I like that word. It feels ungendered for an alone in a abode of airy power.

In [ancient Mayan] literature, they were referred to as demons. Maybe the enactment doesn’t anticipate of these as bodies existing. It’s mythology. But for me—the actuality aggravating to chronicle to an age-old actuality that represented their community—they were apparent as a demon, and alike my acknowledgment [to that] is affiliated to colonialism. That negativity catapults you into the underworld. [The Mayans] alleged it Xibalba, the underworld, and that’s breadth a lot of these abstracts reigned.

I begin it both abominable and exciting. Especially because I had already started authoritative bristles crowns for these deities, and I was like, Oh you girls are activity to be a little different. You’re a little demonic. But it’s such a apperception frame. I don’t accept a bright compassionate of what they did, because whether it was Mayan or Aztec, aggregate that we accept that’s taken bottomward is translated into English, and the estimation of it, because it is Western, is anon filtered through the eyes of the bodies allocation it.

That would be like if I was autograph about Christian pop music or aggressive cheerleading. It would be so alfresco of annihilation I am accustomed with, yet I accept the ability of ascendancy to say, “This is what it is,” and that’s the reference. The truths of history are alarming to me because of that. What is that adage about how there are abounding truths? [_Laughs_]. I anticipate it’s so true.

L: Martine Gutierrez, Neo-Indeo, Unclockable In Ixinca, p21 from Aboriginal Woman, 2018. R: Martine Gutierrez, Identify Boots, Ad p98, from Aboriginal Woman, 2018. © Martine Gutierrez; Courtesy of the artisan and RYAN LEE Gallery, New York.

How does character and representation drive you as an artist?I can alone allege on my life, my experiences. I feel like best of the questions I affectation or the roles I accept are roles that I am grappling with in life. That’s why they feel so important to manifest, and in manifesting them, it helps me move on. Not always, but I accept abstruse that the convenance of image, video, or music authoritative is to see article alfresco of myself or how association doesn’t see me—and it somehow comes true. It’s like authoritative a wish, or putting a bulletin in a bottle, and [it helps] you let go of the closing one.

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Indigenous Woman is on appearance at Ryan Lee Gallery, New York, through October 20, 2018.

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