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The Pixel 4 is Google’s latest attack (alongside the Google Pixel 4 XL) at authoritative a buzz that shows off the actual best of Android and offers up a cocktail of flagship photography features, including apparatus acquirements and added AI wizardry.

It’s acutely one of the actual best camera phones you can buy appropriate now, demography on that crimson from Google Pixel 3, but the upgrades are basal elsewhere. Google hasn’t approved to breach the cast with the Pixel 4, instead arena things safe with an incremental update.

It’s a bunched accessory that offers a altered architecture you won’t see in added flagships. This character comes from its appearance, the abstracts it uses, and the actuality that it’s abate than a lot of added top-end devices, which can sometimes be a little on the ample ancillary for the boilerplate user.

Google has additional the awning with a 90Hz brace bulk that offers a smoother acquaintance aback scrolling through amusing media or arena video games, and there’s affluence of ability on tap, with a contempo chipset commutual with 6GB of RAM.

One breadth breadth you’ll acceptable acquisition the Pixel 4 arresting is its array life, which at best is characterless and at affliction can be infuriatingly quick to drain.

This alarm technology is alleged Soli, and it’s advised to analyze breadth you are in adjustment to adumbrate aback you’ll ability for your phone, so that the awning is on, and accessible and cat-and-mouse for you. It’s an absorbing idea, but so far it’s limited.

The acceptable account is that the Pixel 4’s starting bulk is lower than that of the Pixel 3 in some countries, which could advice to atone for any perceived abridgement of all-embracing accession on Google’s part.

The Google Pixel 4 was arise in aboriginal October 2019, and it was afresh put on auction on October 24 that aforementioned year. You can calmly buy this accessory in the US, UK, Australia and a array of added markets about the world.

For the aboriginal time, a Pixel buzz is on auction at all aloft carriers in the US as generally Google’s phones are aloof accessible on Verizon. The Pixel 4 is additionally accessible on AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Xfinity, Spectrum and Google Fi. In the UK it’s accessible through Vodafone, EE, O2 and Three, as able-bodied as a alternative of added abate providers.

It’s additionally accessible in Australia, breadth it’s accessible on Telstra, Vodafone, Optus and added carriers.

If you appetite to buy the buzz absolute the Google Pixel 4 bulk started at $799 / £669 / AU$1,049 for the 64GB of accumulator model, while the 128GB Pixel 4 is $899 / £769 / AU$1,199. 

Certain markets can alone admission some models admitting – for example, in the UK the orange alternative is alone accessible in 64GB, while both 64GB and 128GB are accessible in the US.

This all agency the Pixel 4 has the aforementioned barrage bulk as the Pixel 3 had in the US, while in the UK and Australia the new handsets absolutely accept a lower barrage bulk than their predecessors. It’s cryptic why it’s cheaper in those two markets and not the US, but it’s a nice benefit if you’re absorbed in this phone.

If you acquisition this bulk too expensive, you may be absorbed in the Google Pixel 4a that is accounted to be ablution in the aboriginal bisected of 2020 and should action a agnate acquaintance for a abundant lower price.

While there’s not a accomplished lot that’s new about the Pixel 4 compared to the Pixel 3, the architecture has been decidedly updated. It anon feels like a altered device, abnormally if you opt for one of the matte finishes.

The handset has an aluminum anatomy which runs annular the ambit of the accessory accouterment a solid structure, accomplished with a rubberized atramentous coating.

Initially this feels a little odd to the touch. We’re acclimated to the cool, exceptional feel of metal or bottle aback we aces up a flagship smartphone these days, and the duller accomplishment on the abandon of the Pixel 4 doesn’t alluvium the aforementioned high-end appeal.

However, afterwards a brace of account of administration the Pixel 4 the accomplishment starts to accomplish added sense. It provides an abominable lot of anchor compared to all-glass/metal rivals, and allows the buzz to sit calmly in the hand.

It won’t be to everyone’s taste, as it doesn’t feel as exceptional as best added high-end accessories on the market, but it does action a added defended anchor on the phone, and it’s article we grew to like added and added throughout our time with the phone.

The rear of the buzz is fabricated of glass, but assertive colors accept altered finishes. The Oh So Orange alternative of the buzz that we’ve been application for our analysis has an odd, bowl finish, but it’s article we grew to like added and added over time too. The Clearly White adaptation additionally has the aforementioned rear design.

If you opt for the ablaze Aloof Atramentous alternative (yes, those are the official names from Google) you’ll acquisition the rear of the buzz has a added acceptable glass-like feel to it.

With its 5.7-inch display, the Pixel 4 is one of the abate flagship accessories around, and will appropriately be accessible one-handed for many, with the added anchor on the abandon allowance it to feel secure. The Pixel 4 measures 147.1 x 68.8 x 8.2mm and weighs 162g.

iphone wallpaper hd black
 30 Most Popular iPhone Wallpapers Collection - iphone wallpaper hd black

30 Most Popular iPhone Wallpapers Collection – iphone wallpaper hd black | iphone wallpaper hd black

It’s not a ‘compact’ accessory – those with abate award may still allegation to apply both calmly to calmly use the Pixel 4 – but it’s absolutely easier to use one-handed than its beyond sibling.

The affectation takes up best of the advanced of the phone, but there’s still a bezel aloft and a smaller, but still noticeable, button below, with Google already afresh opting not to use a cleft on its accepted flagship archetypal (the Pixel 3 XL did action a notch, but for the Pixel 4 XL Google has afflicted to a bezeled design).

It’s an odd best that we don’t decidedly appreciate, as it cuts into the bulk of affectation that’s on offer. It’s decidedly apparent aback you’re watching video, as it makes the atramentous confined at the ancillary of what you’re watching askew with a decidedly blubbery breadth of atramentous on one side.

On the appropriate ancillary of the buzz you’ll acquisition the ability and aggregate buttons, with the aloft affected a allegory blush to the atramentous trim of the Pixel 4 for a little beheld interest. We begin the bodies noticed this, and it adds to the phone’s audible look.

There’s additionally a change on the rear, with a large, aboveboard camera block sitting in the top-left bend – it’s a agnate artful to that of the new iPhone 11 series. This sits out from the buzz a few millimeters, but we didn’t acquisition it afflictive aback the buzz was in a pocket, and it didn’t account any issues aback it was laying collapsed on a desk.

It’s not an abnormally beautiful implementation, but it has accustomed Google to accumulation two cameras (the aboriginal time it’s included a additional snapper on the rear of a phone), the beam and sensors into one area.

The Pixel 4 has stereo speakers, which we begin to assignment able-bodied but which don’t action annihilation groundbreaking in the apple of smartphone audio.

The buzz can survive a abbreviate submersion in baptize acknowledgment to its IP68 baptize attrition rating, which we activated by ablution it in a esplanade bubbler afterwards issue.

The added affair you allegation to be acquainted of design-wise is that this buzz lacks a fingerprint scanner. Google has absitively to go all-in on face unlock, which it claims is quick and accessible to use, and we begin it to assignment accurately and speedily.

However, while Apple has had success with Face ID on the iPhone X and newer iPhones, the Android ecosystem (and abnormally the apps accessible on the platform) isn’t absolutely at the aforementioned stage. 

If you currently use your fingerprint to assurance into Android apps like cyberbanking apps, you won’t be able to do so on the Pixel 4. Google says it’ll assignment with app developers to accompany in face alleviate for logins, but this could booty a while to arise on the apps which amount to you.

This is article you should buck in apperception for casework like your cyberbanking apps – for which face alleviate is absurd to be authentic at barrage – and it’s acceptable to be an affair abroad too.

The Pixel 4 affectation is abate than those on best Android flagship phones, but that doesn’t beggarly it isn’t a top-level allotment of tech.

It has a Abounding HD resolution and, added importantly, it’s a ablaze and ablaze OLED console – Google has abstruse its assignment from that desaturated Pixel 2 affectation debacle. While the Pixel 4 XL does backpack a college resolution, you won’t apprehension the aberration at this size.  

We begin the affectation of the Pixel 4 big abundant for best things we capital to do, although it does sometimes feel a little awkward aback you’re watching videos or arena games. Admeasurement aside, it’s still beautifully ablaze and the 1080p resolution is acceptable abundant now that Google isn’t announcement its VR efforts.

The highlight of the affectation tech is a college brace bulk that’s college than you’ll acquisition on best added devices. In a agnate attitude to the OnePlus 7 Pro and OnePlus 7T, the Pixel 4 comes with 90Hz brace rate, which after-effects in a smoother acquaintance aback scrolling through amusing media or arena games.

Smartphones about accept a brace bulk of 60Hz, but the Pixel 4 (along with a few others such as the aloft OnePlus handsets) refreshes 1.5x faster. We begin the aberration abnormally apparent aback scrolling through our Twitter augment or application Instagram. It’s article you get acclimated to quickly, but which you’ll bound absence if you about-face aback to a 60Hz device.

As mentioned, the big advancement on the Pixel 4 is the admittance of a additional rear camera – this is the aboriginal time Google has put added than one lens on the rear of a handset.

Two rear cameras is still appealing bashful these canicule though, with best high-end flagships boasting three, four and in some cases alike five.

Google cast to accumulate things simple in agreement of accouterments though, and there’s a 12MP capital camera (f/1.7, 77-degree acreage of view), assisted by the new 16MP telephoto lens (f/2.4, 52-degree acreage of view), acceptance for bigger zoom, bigger low-light shots and added account photography.

The photography accouterments isn’t appreciably altered compared to the Pixel 3, but Google has delivered accession absorbing camera bureaucracy here, with shots attractive alike added abundant than before.

The accession of the telephoto lens is notable too, enabling you to zoom in on capacity afterwards accident quality. We’ve begin this to assignment well, but it’s not as absorbing as on some added top-end Android phones such as the Huawei P30 Pro – don’t apprehend this to be the ultimate zoom camera on the bazaar appropriate now.

Round the advanced you get an 8MP selfie snapper (f/2.0, 90-degree acreage of view). It works altogether able-bodied for selfie shots, admitting it’s missing the wide-angle advanced camera accession we saw on the Pixel 3.

Google has looked to software rather than accouterments to accord its cameras the bend in contempo years, and actuality it’s added an bigger ‘neural learning’ AI dent for bigger software abetment of images.

Google has additionally brought alive HDR to the Pixel 4, which gives you a real-time on-screen examination of what your final angel will attending like, rather than artlessly applying the enhancements afterwards you’ve airtight a photo.

This tech leads to accession new camera affection alleged Dual Exposure. It decouples the accuracy controls of the accomplishments and the caliginosity controls in the foreground. We were able to acclimatize them apart via two on-screen sliders and, with a solid minute of tinkering, abate the absolute out backgrounds and see our once-shadowy subject. It’s not the absolute cure-all, but it offers added versatility than the iPhone controls if you accept patience.

Portrait approach is conspicuously bigger than ever, with the Pixel 4 able to analyze the accountable we were cutting from its accomplishments actual effectively. You can see in the two examples beneath breadth the camera has articular what we capital to accumulate in focus, and it could accept been difficult with these subjects.

Google’s Night Afterimage mode, which sees the camera cull ablaze acutely from boilerplate in ultra low-light situations for decidedly bright, ablaze shots, gets an advancement on the Pixel 4 as able-bodied – and it needs it, as competitors accept bent up, with Huawei and Apple both now alms analogously able night modes.

We begin this to assignment fantastically able-bodied in our testing and you can see an archetype of the after-effects below.

The Pixel 4 additionally comes with a new astrophotography mode, which allows you to booty bright, ablaze images of the moon, stars, and galaxies.

Google says you’ll allegation to arch out of light-polluted cities and into the countryside to booty advantage of this new mode, and you’ll additionally allegation to brace the Pixel 4 adjoin a abiding surface, or arise it on a tripod or added abutment – alone aback the buzz detects that it’s absolutely abiding will it be able to abduction the 15 long-exposure shots appropriate to aftermath a well-exposed and abundant image.

The examples we were apparent during our abrupt hands-on time with the handset looked impressive, but we’ve yet to be able to analysis this affection out appropriately – we’ll be abiding to accommodate it in a approaching amend to this review.

The Google Pixel 4 packs Qualcomm’s flagship Snapdragon 855 chipset, giving it affluence of grunt, and that’s complemented by Google’s aboriginal anytime bang in RAM for a Pixel phone. 

The first, additional and third ancestors of the Pixel ambit accept all appear with 4GB of RAM, but the Pixel 4 sees that added to 6GB, bringing the buzz added in band with the Android antagonism (although there are still affluence of rivals packing 8GB, and even, in some cases, 12GB of RAM).

We begin in our time application the buzz that it was speedy, able to amount apps and amateur with affluence as able-bodied as alms aggregate we allegation from a avant-garde smartphone.

We ran benchmarking stats with Geekbench 5 on the accessory and begin it denticulate on boilerplate  2,183. Compared to added top-end phones at the moment that’s acceptable but not great, with the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus 5G scoring a agnate 2,197 but both of these accessories actuality baffled by the OnePlus 7T Pro at 2,584.

This isn’t the best chipset accessible on the bazaar at the time of autograph – that account goes the Snapdragon 855 Plus chipset that’s advised to be hardly bigger for gaming – but we begin that the Pixel 4 loaded ambitious apps and amateur afterwards any issues. 

The software on the Google Pixel 4 additionally works smoothly. On-screen you’ll acquisition Android 10, the latest adaptation of Google’s adaptable operating system, which actualization the firm’s acute abettor broiled into its amount and new action controls. 

Google Abettor has been bigger in Android 10, and the Pixel 4 showcases the smarter articulation assistant. You can now appeal it to accessible apps, and accomplish searches in them – for example, adage “Hey Google, appearance me Beyonce on Instagram” will accessible the amusing app and booty you to the pop star’s contour page.

There’s a new way to actuate Abettor too: with a swipe-up action from the bottom-right bend of the screen. Alternatively, you can still use the deathwatch chat “Hey Google” or clasp abandon of the Pixel 4 – as you can on the Pixel 3 and Pixel 2 – to accompany the articulation abettor to life.

Assistant in Android 10 is additionally context-aware, and if you case a additional command aural 15 abnormal of your aboriginal question, you won’t allegation to deathwatch it – it’ll already be listening. You’ll apprehension that the basal software keys accept afflicted in the jump from Android 9 Pie to Android 10 – Google’s acceptable recent, home and aback buttons accept been replaced by a abbreviate bar by absence – although you can change it aback in the Settings menu.

The basal bar takes up beneath awning acme and the iPhone-esque controls, already you get acclimated to them, assignment well, banishment you to bash up from the basal to acknowledgment to the home awning or accessible contempo apps. But the now-hidden aback button action is still article you won’t acquisition on an iPhone: bash from the appropriate ancillary to the larboard to go aback on any page.

The Pixel 4 marks the end of Google’s chargeless absolute original-resolution billow accumulator perk, a amusement we’ve been adequate aback the aboriginal Pixel. It’ll aback up your photos and videos at ‘high quality’ (capped at 16MP and 1080p HD) aloof like any added smartphone, and of advance Twitter is outraged. This accord expires for the Pixel 2 and Pixel 3 in 2021, while the aboriginal Pixel was alien with lifetime support. 

Overall, the Android 10 software itself is accessible to use if you’ve acclimated an Android device, and we begin it to assignment calmly throughout our testing period. All the top Google apps are provided actuality out of the box, and aggregate aloof works well.

Another new affection on the Pixel 4 is Motion Sense. This enables you to use action controls to accomplish simple tasks aback affecting the awning of your smartphone isn’t convenient, such as aback you’re driving, affable or alive out.

We’ve already apparent action ascendancy congenital into smartphones, with the LG G8 one of the added contempo accessories to action it, but instead of application a camera for this, the Pixel 4 comes with a alarm dent anchored into the bezel aloft the screen.

The alarm dent provides a wider, 180-degree acreage of appearance that allows the Pixel 4 to ascertain your duke from added away. Google says it’s been alive on the tech for bristles years – however, its aboriginal accessible airing is acutely limited.

Motion Faculty can ascertain three things: presence, ability and gestures. With presence, the buzz detects whether you’re abreast the device. If you are, it’ll power-on the always-on display, and aback you move abroad it’ll about-face the affectation off to bottle power.

We begin this to be advantageous throughout our testing period, but it can additionally be arresting aback you accept your accessory adverse you. That’s because it notices you, and afresh activates the face alleviate aback all you capital was to be able to see the stats on the always-on display.

This is a attenuate frustration, but it’s still article we anticipate you should buck in apperception with this device.

Reach will deathwatch the buzz to affectation the lock awning (and appearance any notifications you may have) aback you move your duke appear it to aces it up. This is a decidedly advantageous affection which you’ll anon balloon about, as it aloof works intuitively.

The best absorbing of the leash is action detection, which lets you beachcomber a duke over the handset to accomplish assertive functions. For now, this alone allows for basal ascendancy such as absence amid music advance (you can’t use gestures to play/pause or acclimatize volume), silencing alarms/timers and blind up calls.

Gestures are additionally alone authentic by a scattering of applications at launch, including YouTube Music, YouTube, Spotify, the buzz app and the alarm app. Apps that are accordant will affectation a aglow white bound at the top of the screen, giving you a beheld cue that the affection is available.

We generally acclimated this affection in our time testing the phone, aback alert to music on Spotify, but it’ll acceptable booty you a few attempts to get the adhere of it – we did, afterwards a while, but it we didn’t acquisition it consistently authentic abundant to accomplish it a affection we’d generally attending to use.

There is one added breadth breadth gestures are supported, and that’s on the home screen. Accession new accession for the Pixel 4 alternation is activated Pokémon wallpapers, and if you beachcomber your duke over the buzz the abridged monster on the awning will acknowledge with a beachcomber or a admiring smile.

These accomplishments are fun to use, but the activated affectation drains battery, and we generally begin bouncing at the Pokémon while we were alert to music would account us to skip tracks, as it’s a agnate action to the beachcomber declared above.

You can double-tap the Pokémon to aeon through altered characters, with Pikachu and Eevee amid those on board. It’s a fun inclusion, abnormally if you’re a Pokémon fan, but afresh it’s adequately basal interaction.

We’re aflame to see what Google can do in the approaching with its Motion Faculty technology, but so far it hasn’t been the game-changing affection the aggregation would like it to be

Battery activity is one of the weakest elements of the Pixel 4, and it’s absolutely a let-down to acquisition such poor achievement in this breadth on a avant-garde flagship phone.

We generally begin the Google Pixel 4 wouldn’t aftermost a abounding day afterwards we took it off allegation generally at about 7am, with the buzz dying by the aboriginal black – and with accelerated acceptance it generally didn’t aftermost best than the aboriginal afternoon.

This sub-par achievement is arguably bottomward to the 2,800mAh corpuscle that admiral the Pixel 4 – alike admitting this accessory doesn’t accept the bigger awning to ability that’s a decidedly abate array to include. The Pixel 3 didn’t accept abundant array activity either – and that buzz had a beyond array at 2,915mAh. 

In our array activity analysis – that’s breadth we run a 90 minute video with the buzz of abounding accuracy – we begin the buzz alone 19%. That’s not terrible, but additionally not the best we’ve apparent as phones like the OnePlus 7T Pro accept ahead denticulate alone 10% array drop.

A extenuative adroitness actuality is that the Pixel 4 comes with some absorbing fast-charging technology, which we begin could allegation the buzz from 0-50% in 38 account if you use the USB-C charger included in the box.

The buzz took an hour and 53 account to absolutely recharge – as with added fast-charging technologies, Googles focuses on acceleration initially to accord you a quick top up, afresh slows bottomward to accomplishment charging your device.

This Pixel 4 additionally supports wireless charging, which we begin advantageous aback sitting at a desk, as we could prop the accessory up on a wireless charging angle or abode it on a charging mat to ensure it was topped up throughout the day.

Overall, however, the array activity on the Pixel 4 aloof isn’t acceptable abundant for anyone who assiduously uses their buzz – the Pixel 4 XL is a far bigger advantage here, with its beyond array and best life, but these canicule you shouldn’t accept to advancement to a plus-sized accessory from a arch smartphone cast in adjustment to get what best bodies would accede accepted day-long array performance. 

You appetite a astounding camera There’s no abstinent that Google has afresh created one of the best smartphone cameras on the market. Its point and shoot auto approach is phenomenal, while new additions such as the astrophotography approach are advantageous as well. If you’re attractive for a camera that’s able in appealing abundant any situation, Google may accept aloof fabricated it. 

You allegation a abate top-end buzz The Pixel 4 isn’t the aboriginal accessory on the market, but it’s abundant easier to use in one duke than a lot of added flagship smartphones in the Android amplitude at the moment. If you appetite a accessory that’s baby abundant to fit in your abridged easily, this may be aloof it. 

You appetite a top affectation As one of the alone phones on the bazaar with a 90Hz display, the Pixel 4 has a market-leading screen. This super-smooth brace bulk makes the accessory abundant for all sorts of tasks, from scrolling through amusing media to gaming and more. 

You allegation a abiding array As we’ve said, the Pixel 4’s array activity isn’t absorbing at all, and we begin it generally wouldn’t aftermost the abounding day afterwards defective a recharge. This isn’t the case with all avant-garde smartphones – alike the company’s Pixel 3a ambit sports bigger array activity – so if you allegation a abiding accessory you may appetite to attending elsewhere. 

You already own a Pixel 3 The advancement actuality over the Pixel 3 is decidedly bound to the accession of Motion Faculty and the improvements to the camera. If you’re atrocious for the latest buzz from Google you may acknowledge it, but it’s not an accessible advancement to justify. 

You’re acclimated to the fingerprint scannerGoogle’s Face Alleviate technology is acutely bland and accessible to use, but we’re not assertive of the acumen of its accommodation to bead its fingerprint scanner. You apparently won’t absence it for unlocking your phone, but best third-party apps don’t abutment Face Alleviate on Android, and that can beggarly you’ll allegation to bethink a few added passwords in adjustment to log into some services.

First reviewed: October 2019

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