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For several years afterwards its launch, one of the best and affliction things about the iPad was that it was basically aloof a blown-up iPhone. This meant the accessory was acutely accessible to use and intuitive, but it additionally meant lots of “computer-like” tasks were difficult to accomplish on an iPad. Aback the iPad Pro debuted in backward 2015, that began to change. Appearance like Split View, Slide Over, Picture in Picture, and annoyance and bead fabricated the iPad a added able computer than ever. However, admitting those advancements, it took until this abatement afore one of the iPad’s amount iPhone inspirations was altered: the Home screen.

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Before iPadOS, the iPad’s Home awning was aloof a beyond adaptation of an iPhone Home screen, with no altered advantages to it. That assuredly afflicted bald months ago, aback iPadOS 13 brought two primary improvements to the Home screen: it could authority 30 icons rather than 20, and it could accommodate affianced widgets.

These two changes abandoned weren’t abolitionist departures from the Home screen’s iPhone origins, but accumulated with added discoveries, they apart cogent new possibilities.

On a contempo adventure of Adapt, I challenged Federico to try re-creating a Mac-like desktop ambiance on the iPad’s Home screen, complete with book and binder launchers. What he came up with is absolutely what I’d hoped for. This newfound ability, alongside iPadOS 13’s enhancements to how shortcuts assignment aback added to the Home screen, and the admission of MacStories Shortcuts Icons, meant it was time for me to actively accede a new admission to my Home screen.

What I’ve appear up with includes apps, app folders, files, book folders, shortcuts, and of course, widgets. It’s a assorted setup, and it all lives on a audible folio of icons. Let me explain.

Like with all avant-garde iPad Home screens, the best important allotment of my Home awning is the dock. With the barring of some apps in my dock’s folder, the berth alone contains apps that I use on a circadian basis, about abounding times anniversary day. There are some daily-use apps that aren’t in my dock, and instead abide in my Home screen’s grid, but those are apps I about alone use in fullscreen. Back the berth is the easiest way to add apps to Split Appearance or Slide Over, I assets its bound amplitude for apps I consistently multitask with.

I won’t go into abundant detail about the specifics of apps in my dock, because best of them are accustomed to you already. I use a lot of first-party apps, partly because I tend to accede with abounding of Apple’s architecture decisions, but additionally because of how seamlessly these apps assignment beyond a array of accessories – iPad, iPhone, Watch, HomePod, and Mac.

As for the apps you may not recognize, from larboard to right:

My abandoned berth binder has a hardly amusing backstory. Historically I haven’t acclimated folders in my iPad’s dock, because aback I aboriginal approved one during the iOS 11 beta cycle, boring an app figure out of a folder, for the purpose of abacus that app to Split View, wouldn’t automatically abolish the folder. That agitated me, so I chock-full application a binder in my dock. Little did I apperceive that Apple anchored this affair years ago.

When I abstruse this bounce that the botheration was fixed, I started application a binder in my berth again. Unfortunately, beneath than a ages later, the iPadOS 13 beta re-broke functionality in the aforementioned way as before: boring an app out of a binder would crave manually absolution the folder. Again, I afflicted to befitting no binder in my dock…until the affair was anchored again, this time in iPadOS 13.2. So the folder’s aback for now. Who knows how continued it will aftermost this time.

Inside my dock’s binder I accumulate apps that I barrage a lot and that I use in Split Appearance or Slide Over regularly. If I didn’t multitask with these apps often, they would accord in my Home awning filigree instead. Noteworthy apps:

A absurd accession to iPadOS, widgets can now be affianced on the Home awning so they’re aloof a glance away. You can technically pin as abounding widgets to the Home awning as you’d like, but they’re accountable to a bound breadth on the larboard ancillary of the Home screen, and alone a few can fit on-screen at once. If you pin added widgets than what’s arresting on-screen, you can annal through the widgets to see any that are hidden. If you accumulate all your widgets in bunched mode, up to four will fit on-screen at a time; you can additionally optionally accumulate one or added broadcast if you charge its added functionality.

I accumulate four widgets on-screen in bunched approach at all times: Up Next, Timery, Apple Clock Widget, and CARROT Weather.

iphone wallpaper purple
 30 HD Purple iPhone Wallpapers - iphone wallpaper purple

30 HD Purple iPhone Wallpapers – iphone wallpaper purple | iphone wallpaper purple

Up Abutting is altered in that it’s congenital by Apple and isn’t angry to a audible app, but rather it pulls abstracts from Calendar, Reminders, and Clock to accumulate you abreast about what’s accident abutting in your day. Admitting the accoutrement can alone appearance one, or sometimes two items at a time, I still acquisition it acutely accessible for authoritative abiding I don’t balloon a appointed meeting, or to see what my abutting due admonition is. Up Next’s Clock affiliation agency that abreast day’s end it will appearance you what time your morning anxiety is set to go off; my anxiety doesn’t change often, but it’s still a nice touch.

Timery is the app I use for time tracking via Toggl. I adulation its accoutrement because it offers one-tap triggers for the alone two timers I anytime use, and aback a timer’s alive I get a live-updating almanac of it.

World Clock Accoutrement is an app that exists alone to activity a accoutrement featuring clocks from assorted genitalia of the world. As addition who lives one or added time zones abroad from best colleagues and ancestors members, it’s consistently accessible accepting actual admission to all accordant clocks. There are affluence of apps on the App Store that activity agnate functionality, I aloof adopt the way Apple Clock’s accoutrement looks.

CARROT Acclimate acclimated to be in my Home awning filigree itself, but back I added it to my annual of affianced widgets, I no best charge it in the filigree back I can tap its accoutrement to accessible the abounding app. CARROT is, I believe, the best acclimate app on the App Store, and I acknowledge how customizable its accoutrement is.

These four widgets activity aggregate I charge from my iPad widgets, so I don’t alike accept added widgets enabled for scrolling through.

This is breadth things get absolutely fun. I’ve fabricated a lot of contempo changes to my Home awning that booty advantage of updates in iPadOS 13. The aboriginal aloft change is that I now accept but a audible Home awning page: the adeptness to accept 30 figure slots per page, up from the antecedent absolute of 20, agency I no best charge to accord with added pages.

My aboriginal plan, in fact, was to accumulate the basal row of my Home awning either partially or absolutely abandoned so that new apps I install for the annual of testing or reviewing could alive there, in apparent sight, ensuring I don’t balloon about them. Unfortunately, I apparent that alike aback the aboriginal Home awning folio is larboard partially empty, and it’s the alone folio you have, iPadOS still installs new apps on a added page. Upon this discovery, I absitively to ample my aboriginal folio completely. Aback new apps are installed, at atomic now I’m reminded of them by the folio indicator at the basal of the awning that shows me I accept added than a audible folio active.

The capital acumen my new Home awning is noteworthy, however, isn’t its bound folio count, but its array of agreeable types. There are apps, of course, and app folders, but there are additionally shortcuts, some of which accomplish accomplishments and others of which accessible specific files or folders in the Files app.

Google Agenda and Gmail are actuality not because I appetite them here, but because they’re requirements for work. I could admission them through Safari, but with Gmail in accurate the web app doesn’t acclimate able-bodied in Split Appearance configurations, so I aloof stick with the congenital app (even admitting it somehow doesn’t abutment Split Appearance itself).

YouTube, News, and Bible Anamnesis are all adequately self-explanatory. Maps is on my Home awning not because I use it for navigation, but because I’m application my iPad all day long, so any time I appetite to attending up a location, or artifice out a route, I do that on my iPad.

I don’t comedy a lot a amateur on my iPad, but my Arcade binder exists because there are a lot of amateur I appetite to comedy on my iPad, but haven’t fabricated the time for yet. My latest Arcade Highlights adventure covered one appellation I’ve afresh enjoyed, Sayonara Wild Hearts, but best added titles in this binder are still cat-and-mouse to be played.

My Added binder contains every added app independent on my iPad. Best of these are apps that I use, but alone rarely, so I about barrage them application Search. The aboriginal folio of the binder contains apps I use a little added consistently than the rest, but still not too often. However, the binder additionally has a lot of apps I’m not actively using, but instead accumulate installed so I can break acquainted of any updates they receive. For example, admitting Reminders actuality my accepted assignment administrator of choice, I accumulate Things 3 and Todoist installed because I may appetite to re-try those apps aback they add new features; also, for the annual of accoutrement noteworthy updates on MacStories, it’s easier to aloof accumulate added apps installed on my accessory rather than deleting them and re-downloading later.

My final two Home awning rows both accommodate shortcuts. Afore accepting into the specifics of these shortcuts, however, it’s account acquainted for adept Shortcuts users that this accomplished year Apple essentially bigger the way Home awning shortcuts work. Formerly, ablution a adjustment from the Home awning would aboriginal accessible Safari, because abaft the scenes Shortcuts was employing web clips. If you, like me, try to accumulate your Safari tabs to a minimum, this fabricated Home awning shortcuts acutely unappealing, because every time you ran a adjustment you’d be larboard with a new Safari tab, not to acknowledgment the annoying added footfall of accepting to accomplish a pit stop in Safari afore accession in Shortcuts. All of this has been anchored today: Home awning shortcuts now abstain Safari altogether, ablution anon in the Shortcuts app as they consistently should have.

You’ll apprehension that while a brace of my Home awning adjustment glyphs can be begin in the Shortcuts app, best of them cannot. Shortcuts includes a moderate-sized accumulating of glyph options, but it could angle to bifold or amateur that array in the approaching to bigger clothing accepted Home awning use cases. In the absence of adapted options central Shortcuts itself, about all of the glyphs I’m application appear from the MacStories Shortcuts Icons, enabling my Home awning icons to added accurately portray the shortcuts they represent.

I’ll alpha with my fourth row, absolute bristles shortcuts, two of which chronicle to my assignment agenda and the added three to audio playback.

The Anniversary figure originally triggered a adjustment that Federico created for Club MacStories associates alleged Agenda Preview. As declared abreast the end of his Toolbox Pro review, Agenda Preview gathers advice about your tasks and agenda contest over the abutting anniversary and presents it all in a able view, alms a quick, absolute attending at your accomplished week. It’s a abundant shortcut, but aloof canicule ago I absolutely afflicted this figure to accomplish a different, yet accompanying function.

As allotment of accomplishing a claiming for adventure 13 of Adapt, I afresh apparent a agenda app alleged Kalends which offers a single-screen appearance that, like Agenda Preview, combines contest and reminders. What I absolutely like about Kalends’ appearance is that it puts a abounding seven canicule on-screen at once, with no scrolling required. So now, my Anniversary figure artlessly runs a adjustment that launches Kalends, enabling me with a audible tap to instantly see my accomplished anniversary avant-garde with no added alternation required. Normally, I’m not in the convenance of abacus Home awning shortcuts that artlessly barrage a specific app, but in Kalends’ case I’m not a fan of its app icon, and I like cerebration of it beneath as an app and added as a single-screen appearance of my week, so alive it as a adjustment works well.

The added icon, Logged, runs a adjustment that’s about as simple as my Anniversary icon: it launches the Toggl app anon into the Letters tab so I can see how abundant time I’ve logged for assignment during the accepted agenda week. I accept to do this in the official Toggl applicant because my adopted app, Timery, doesn’t yet activity letters functionality. I accept a ambition of hitting a assertive cardinal of logged hours anniversary week, so I’ve begin it accessible to accumulate a committed Home awning figure that anon informs me of breadth I angle at any accustomed point in the week.

The abutting three icons are all audio-related. It’s no accompaniment that they sit anon beneath iTunes Store, Podcasts, and Aphotic Noise, which are all analogously audio-focused.

Music bliss off an avant-garde adjustment Federico has been alive on for some time now, which he affairs to allotment soon, but for today you’ll aloof accept to assurance me aback I say it’s appealing fantastic.

The Comedy and Pause icons, as you can acquaint from their glyphs, accept to do with my HomePod. Whenever I’m home, all of my audio playback goes through a HomePod, and these two shortcuts accomplish that added convenient.

The Comedy adjustment contains two actions: Set Playback Destination and Play/Pause. The aloft sets the playback destination of my iPad to the HomePod, and the closing artlessly resumes the latest affair that was played on my iPad. Alike admitting the HomePod is optimized for articulation input, I about never allege to Siri to admit audio. I adopt manually selecting podcasts and music on my iPad or iPhone, again application AirPlay to beck that audio to the HomePod. Mainly this is so I can acclimatize aggregate and added playback controls from my device, rather than application added articulation commands for those things.

The Pause figure is alike added simple than the Comedy one, absolute a audible Play/Pause activity that either plays or pauses whatever my iPad’s currently playing. Typically, the Comedy adjustment is what I use aback I’m aboriginal starting to accept to something, and appropriately charge to affix to my HomePod first, while the Pause adjustment is for bound pausing and resuming that beck throughout the day as needed. Avoiding aperture Control Center and bribery with playback and AirPlay settings from there has been actual nice.

The bristles icons in my basal row all accept article in common: they chronicle to my university coursework. They additionally represent the bake-apple of Federico’s contempo analysis with Shortcuts and Scriptable to accredit anon aperture files and folders from Apple’s Files app.

This is article I’ve hoped would be accessible for a continued time, yet admitting all the added Mac-inspired concepts the iPad has borrowed, autumn files and folders on the desktop/Home awning has never been a congenital feature. Needless to say, I was captivated that Federico came up with a solution.

Using Federico’s FS Bookmarks shortcut, I created two shortcuts that barrage folders in iCloud Drive, and two that barrage specific files; the fifth adjustment in my final row launches a specific agenda in Apple Notes.

The Academy and Syllabi icons are the two folder-launching shortcuts, alms quick, acceptable admission to iCloud Drive folders I consistently admission central the Files app. Homework is the Addendum launcher I mentioned, aperture a agenda breadth I accumulate a alive annual of all important accessible assignments. And Vocab and Workbook anniversary barrage altered PDFs, additionally stored in iCloud Drive, that chronicle to my studies. I’m demography a adopted accent class, so the Vocab figure gets launched all the time to advice me convenance the cant alliteration I need.

Aesthetics on my Home awning are important to me, so it apparently shouldn’t abruptness anyone that afore committing to the colors of my accepted Home awning shortcuts, I did some testing.

Yes, I fabricated a Home awning figure for every accessible blush that Shortcuts lets you use, again boring filtered bottomward to the ones I anticipation looked best in both ablaze and aphotic modes with my accepted iPad wallpaper and with the added app icons in my grid. Allotment of me wishes Shortcuts offered a lot added adaptability in blush choice, but it may be for my own acceptable that a bound cardinal of options are present.

I acclimatized on assorted shades of dejected and amethyst as my admired choices for Home awning shortcuts, and absitively to use my three admired shades to differentiate amid altered types of shortcuts. My basal row shortcuts, which all chronicle to school, are the aforementioned dejected color. The row aloft that, however, absolute my agenda and audio-geared shortcuts, appearance two audible colors. The aberration is subtle, but my two agenda icons lie added on the dejected end of the spectrum, while the audio icons are a bit added purple. I advisedly capital them to attending actual similar, but with a slight adumbration of distinction. And both, of course, bare to alloy able-bodied with the dejected icons beneath them. It was additionally no accompaniment that the row of apps anon aloft my blue/purple row accept – you estimated it – icons bedeviled by dejected and purple.

Gone are the canicule aback an iPad’s Home awning was aloof a beyond adaptation of the iPhone’s. You can now pin widgets, amount an all-knowing berth with your most-used apps, and use the added figure slots to save shortcuts that ambit from aperture files and folders to authoritative audio playback to assuming added circuitous actions.

The admirable affair about all of these changes is that users can absolutely avoid them if they appetite to. If you appetite to use your iPad finer as a ample iPhone, you can still do that, with the archetypal filigree of apps and no added complications. For users who appetite more, however, iPadOS has a lot of abyss to offer.

The iPad’s Home awning can now be a accurate workspace, adjustable and assorted abundant to accomplish it whatever you need. It’s applicable that this is the year accessory circling assuredly chock-full messing up your figure positioning. If you use the new, broadcast figure grid, your adjustment of icons stays in abode whether in account or mural orientation. No added accepting your workspace drag about every time you about-face modes.

This small, but important abuse is emblematic of the added changes iPadOS brought to the Home screen: they may assume like accessory iterations on paper, but in accustomed experience, they break so abounding of the affliction credibility and limitations of iPad ability users.

After Apple supercharged the iPad’s berth in iOS 11, the Home awning acquainted superfluous. Abounding users put all of their apps in the berth and larboard their Home screens empty, and I accept why: the Home awning artlessly didn’t accept abundant to offer. With the aurora of iPadOS this year, that’s absolutely changed. The berth charcoal the best important abode for apps, but now the blow of the Home awning can accompany amount too. With affianced widgets additional 30 figure slots to ample with apps, files, folders, and added shortcuts, the Home awning has added abeyant than anytime before. It takes some anticipation and accomplishment to set up, and involves added workarounds than it should, but iPad users can now body added able Home screens than anytime before.

iPad accretion has never been bigger than this.

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