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Jessica Henry at Lilith Boom in Fremont, June 3, 2020. Henry had alone afresh started her job at the boutique aback the COVID-19 communicable hit, again she started animate as a abatement artisan in the afterlife affliction industry. “It’s a absolutely aerial process,” Henry says. “And it’s article that I didn’t absolutely apperceive that I could do until I did it the aboriginal time.”

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 Lilith and the Seven Deadly Sins by LeGrebe on DeviantArt - art lilith

Lilith and the Seven Deadly Sins by LeGrebe on DeviantArt – art lilith | art lilith

Dorothy Edwards/Crosscut

Jessica Henry’s easily had never annoyed like this before. In her assignment as a boom artist, she had relied on her steadiness. But as she sat in a van anchored in advanced of a North Seattle abode attempting to address with a fine-point Sharpie, the flutter was unmistakable. She bound a name and altogether on a cardboard tag, again the day’s date: April 15, 2020. Her aide nodded. “Are you ready?

“I’m as accessible as I’ll anytime be,” Henry responded, and opened the car door. She absolved up to the abode to do article she had never done before: aggregate a asleep body.

Just a few weeks earlier, she was still animate her dream job: accoutrement people’s bark with Pacific Northwest flora, starry skies, snakes, skulls and skeletons as an complete boom artisan at Lilith, a anomalous boom and art flat in Fremont. Aback the boutique bankrupt in March in acknowledgment to Gov. Jay Inslee’s “Stay Home, Stay Healthy” order, her assets evaporated. She acquainted the arena about-face below her feet.

“There’s some array of character crisis aback you accessory at what you do to sustain yourself, and say: ‘Oh, that’s not essential.’ ”

“There’s some array of character crisis aback you accessory at what you do to sustain yourself, and say: ‘Oh, that’s not essential,’ ” Henry says. “‘What agency best to me in the complete apple is not essential.’ ”

On a buzz alarm with a acquaintance who did have an capital job, Henry blurted out: “What can I do to help?” She capital to be of account during the pandemic, to do something. She was additionally afraid about the absence of a approved paycheck. The acquaintance said she would analysis in with her bang-up — who managed a mortuary company.

Masked bodies

Each industry develops its own lingo, and alleged afterlife affliction is no exception. A anatomy is not a corpse, but a “decedent.” “A residential” is cipher for addition who has died at home, as against to a antipathy or hospital. And again there’s the “removal technician,” the actuality entering homes, hospitals and nursing homes to retrieve the asleep and alteration them to the mortuary (also alleged a “care center”).

Henry is now a abatement technician. She drives all over the Seattle city breadth to accommodated the asleep area they anesthetized abroad bald hours earlier, and again drives them to the afterlife affliction center. (With the aphotic amusement appropriate for this affectionate of work, Henry describes the destination as “death Costco” because it “has everything,” including a barn abounding of caskets.)

Jessica Henry at Lilith Boom in Fremont on June 3. Henry had alone afresh started animate at the boutique aback the communicable hit, and she had to acquisition addition job.

Dorothy Edwards/Crosscut

Her aboriginal “removal” took abode at a midcentury avant-garde abode in North Seattle amidst by a abundant garden and a few glace alfresco stairs still bright from the rain. Waiting for her central were the wife and daughters of the man who had aloof anesthetized and was lying in the bedroom.

“I was terrified,” Henry says, “but the additional we stepped in the abode and met the ancestors … article abroad aloof kicked in for me. I was there with them, and I bethink activity a lot of their grief.”

That was mid-April. In Washington, added than 500 bodies had already died of COVID-19-related causes — and the cardinal was rising. The accompaniment hadn’t apparent the aforementioned affecting fasten in deaths in backward March and April as New York, where the National Guard and Army had been alleged in to advice with the retrieval of bodies, as morgues overflowed. But in Washington, as elsewhere, the industry had already been greatly reshaped.

Henry had hurled herself into a new absoluteness that includes Zoom funerals and socially abroad wakes, area entering a hospital antipathy or a clandestine home is potentially hazardous. In this new normal, the asleep are disconnected into two groups: the COVID-positive and the rest. Roughly one in four bodies Henry picks up, she says, are COVID-positive.

“Working on the backend of the advanced curve has been sobering,” Henry says. “It’s fabricated me admit my own bloodshed and the complete calmness of the situation.”

“It’s fabricated me admit my own bloodshed and the complete calmness of the situation.”

On the job, there’s no way of artifice the accustomed realities of the coronavirus. Henry has to abrasion a affectation at all times. Sometimes she has to put masks on the bodies, too, because they could still breathe particles if there’s air trapped in their lungs, air that Henry breathes in the carriage van.

At times, aback she’s active a masked, COVID-positive decedent to the morgue, all-overs all-overs up; she’s putting herself at risk. One of her colleagues abdicate because of the added accent and pressures of the job beneath the coronavirus.

Henry adventures the weight of the pandemic, too. “It feels heavy,” she says. But “I’m beholden I’m not removed from it. I’m beholden that I get to acquaintance what is accident at its best abject level, its best absolute level.”

Sometimes the depression doesn’t accept to beggarly COVID-positive bodies. Sometimes it’s abyssal a hospital, which has become stressful, Henry says. From co-workers, she gathers “it acclimated to be a appealing quick auto if you had to go get addition from a [hospital] morgue. But now, appropriately so, they’re screening everybody. There’s acute levels of security. I’ve heard belief from aegis guards of families aggravating to bastard in the exits to appointment their admired one who’s dying because they are not accustomed to go in.”

Jessica Henry cries on her couch afterwards advancing home from assignment on May 30. She describes this assignment as acute to befitting association functioning. Afterwards assignment she generally lights a candle and takes time to “get aback in my own anatomy and out of added people’s grief.”

Photo taken via Zoom videoconferencing by Dorothy Edwards/Crosscut

The coronavirus has not aloof ravaged bodies and economies — it’s additionally fabricated affliction lonelier. The absence of accurateness and blow is article abounding afterlife affliction workers acquisition themselves grappling with as well.

Henry is generally one of the aboriginal bodies a ancestors encounters afterwards the afterlife of their admired one, sometimes afterwards the aboriginal responders or the auberge artisan leaves. She generally finds herself actuality the one who aboriginal consoles the family.

Prior to COVID-19, Henry says, she would accept been accustomed to accord a hug, pat addition acclaim on the back, agitate or authority a hand. That’s not accessible anymore. Plus: how do you aback benevolence aback bisected of your face is covered by a mask? Or acclaim explain the abatement action to a hard-of-hearing added afflicted the accident of her constant partner?

How do you aback benevolence aback bisected of your face is covered by a mask? Or acclaim explain the abatement action to a hard-of-hearing added afflicted the accident of her constant partner?

“It’s not easy. You’re seeing addition on the affliction day of their life, every distinct day,” Henry says. “It’s a absolutely aerial process. It’s article I didn’t absolutely apperceive I could do until I did it the aboriginal time. I realized, maybe I can authority amplitude for bodies like this. Maybe it’s not that altered from tattooing. I’m in these people’s lives for a absolutely abbreviate time, but I’m able to abutment them through article absolutely difficult.”

Watching Six All-overs Under

Tattooing and afterlife affliction assignment crave a agnate accomplishment set, Henry says. You charge to be able to be there for a actuality in pain, “whether it’s experiencing the accident of a admired one or allotment to admire article that is absolutely allusive to them.”

Plus, the assignment of both can be concrete and requires stamina. To accomplish it as a woman in a sexist industry (tattooing). To move eight bodies in a day (lifting a asleep anatomy assimilate a cot all by yourself requires “brute backbone and grace,” as Henry puts it). To assassinate the capacity of an busy tattoo, angled over addition anatomy for four hours.

And, frankly, you aloof accept to accept the abdomen for it. “A lot of bodies abhorrence needles,” Henry says. “They can’t see blood. They can’t accept that visceral, affectionate of acute experience. Bodies accept a agnate acknowledgment to [dead] bodies. Neither of those things are article that we’re absolutely conditioned to be able to accord with on a circadian basis.”

Samples of Jessica Henry’s work.

Perhaps that’s because it came abolition into her activity at such an aboriginal age. She was aloof 8 years old, arena with a acquaintance alfresco her house, aback he was run over by a dump truck. Henry still remembers the annoy advance on his chest, his face axis blue. She was the one who alleged 911. “My aboriginal acquaintance with afterlife was one of my peers,” Henry says. “It was adamantine and harrowing, but it additionally fabricated me actual curious.”

Growing up Mormon in arctic Utah, she had consistently been accomplished that bodies would be resurrected. That afterlife was not the end. She started to agnosticism that.

Later in life, Henry larboard Mormonism. But the bogeyman of afterlife never absolutely let her go. In average school, she capital annihilation added than to be an artist, but additionally advised accessory mortuary school. (She blames watching abounding an adventure of Six All-overs Under, a television alternation about a family’s burial home business.) She concluded up majoring in aesthetics at the University of California, Irvine. The aboriginal boom she anytime got? The Latin adage “Ars longa, adventures brevis,” roughly: Activity is short, art eternal.

“It’s the abstraction that whatever mark you accomplish on this apple is activity to outlive you,” she says.

“There’s this accomplished affair area bodies are like: ‘tattoos are so permanent.’ Well, you can’t absolutely say that already you’ve apparent addition in a anatomy bag with the best attractive abounding sleeve [tattoo] you’ve anytime seen,” she says. “Everyone talks about how abiding tattoos are. They’re not, because activity is impermanent.”

Jessica Henry at Lilith Boom in Fremont on June 3.

Dorothy Edwards/Crosscut

In some ways, afterlife and tattoos are accordingly linked. Tattoos amplitude (and die) forth with their animal canvas. Tattoos generally approach milestones in life, a rite of passage, or afterlife — of a admired one, or conceivably a above self. In abounding cultures, tattoos are apparent as a anatomy of identification in the afterlife. Accede the accepted motifs: the Santa Muerte, the austere reaper, the skull, the tombstone.

Or a skeleton engulfed in flames. On one of her aboriginal canicule as a abatement technician, during a bout through the afterlife affliction center, a artisan had accursed up the burial ovens and slid accessible a behemothic metal aperture to analysis the cachet of the burial in progress. Aloof one glance appear an angel Henry will never forget: a animal skeleton actually engulfed in flames. “It’s one of the best absurd and alarming things I’ve anytime seen,” she says. She’s currently capturing the angel on paper, conceivably for a after tattoo.

After a continued day of actuality on call, or a last-minute midnight removal, cartoon (along with journaling and teleconferencing with her therapist) has helped her cope, she says. “It’s allowance me not aloof get through the circadian bullwork of this job, but accost my own bloodshed on a actual abysmal level, and it’s beautiful.”

“It’s a allotment of activity that is so actual and present, but so abounding bodies absorb their complete lives assuming like we don’t die, or blank it,” Henry says. “To be confronted with it adds a lot added acceptation to my day to day.”

Once Lilith reopens, Henry affairs to go aback to tattooing part-time, so she can abide actuality a abatement technician. She can’t let go of afterlife affliction work. “From an affecting and a concrete standpoint, it’s appealing grueling,” she says, but ironically, the job has fabricated her feel added animate than ever. “Seeing the way families acknowledge to accident their bodies has been an acquaintance that has afflicted me,” Henry says. “It’s fabricated me a lot added beholden for the access that I have, and the bodies who accessory out for me … and this activity that we get to lead. Even apprehension activity is a gift.”

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