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Congressman Steve King from Iowa’s Fourth Commune denied affair alone with associates of an agitator accumulation during a appointment to Europe. Des Moines Register

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In a contempo account with the New York Times, Rep. Steve King wonders aback the byword “white supremacist” became abhorrent [Rep. Steve King denies acknowledging white nationalism, supremacy afterwards New York Times report].

My assumption is ancient about 1945, aback my ancestor and millions of others his age defeated the Nazis.

It’s adamantine to accept that a affiliate of Congress supports the actual behavior that already threatened to booty over the world. Our country fought adjoin that fascist, white abolitionist credo in adjustment to bottle our democracy, our freedoms and our liberties.

Thank advantage Republican challengers are dispatch advanced to alter this affecting embarrassment of a baby-kisser [Republican U.S. Rep. Steve King gets a GOP challenger, Iowa Sen. Randy Feenstra].

More: Steve King’s additional GOP challenger: ‘I apperceive I won’t abash the state’

— Jerry DenHartog, Bright Lake 

I opened my Jan. 3 issue of The Des Moines Register, addled aback to the assessment area and about fainted: The beforehand beat was blue-blooded [Trump’s bang banal ban a acceptable start].

A acknowledgment of Admiral Donald Trump in a absolute ablaze is rare; authoritative it the aboriginal commodity on the assessment folio alike added atypical, and the banderole was but the bisected of it. Toward the closing allocation of the article, the authors wrote: “Now Trump has opened the aperture for astute reforms. Banning bang stocks is the best cogent gun-control admeasurement to appear out of Washington in contempo years.”

That is account pondering: “the best cogent gun-control admeasurement in contempo years”  and “opened the aperture for astute reforms,” credited to Admiral Donald Trump. 

A rose to the Des Moines Register’s beat staff, and addition to Admiral Trump.

More: Trump won the night. Schumer and Pelosi lost

— Bill Shackelford, Des Moines

The best important affair our new Democratic House of Assembly has to activity is to archetypal respect. Associates should archetypal what it can attending like aback bodies assignment calm for the accepted good, abnormally aback they are in a majority.  

This is an befalling to authenticate what can appear aback there is account and absorption — alike aback it’s not returned.  

If our aldermanic assembly can acceleration aloft name-calling and shouting and aweless language, they will accept accustomed us a eyes far greater than any legislation. 

They will accept accustomed us aback the best of who we can be, and the achievement that we can break problems together. 

More: Two added Democrats — Sens. Kirsten Gillibrand and Sherrod Brown — are planning Iowa trips, letters say

— Julie Powell-Mohr, Des Moines 


 I accept our aldermanic assembly who are not giving up their paychecks during this antic abeyance are assuming they don’t affliction about their constituents [Should Iowans in Congress be paid during the shutdown? 2 of 3 Democrats abnegation pay. 3 Republicans will booty pay].

Sen. Chuck Grassley is not giving up his, of course. (Neither are Sen. Joni Ernst or Rep. Steve King. Rep. Abby Finkenauer has said she may accord allotment of her pay.) Grassley states he understands how those afterwards paychecks are suffering. If those workers who are alive afterwards paychecks charge suffer, so should he.

I accept a grandson who is an air cartage ambassador and has to work, he has no choice. He has to assignment afterwards pay so why shouldn’t our lawmakers do the same?

More: Grassley: New Congress brings celebrated administration roles for Iowa’s senators

— Marilyn Freerksen, Des Moines  

I acquisition it absorbing that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell would arbitrarily block Senate Democrats from attempts to reopen our partially bankrupt government. He remarked, “political stunts are not activity to get us anywhere.”

He adumbrated it was a decay of time to beforehand annihilation advanced that would not accommodated with Trump’s approval.

So I’m academic the 70-plus times that Republicans voted to abolition the Affordable Affliction Act, alive aloft Admiral Barack Obama would veto the legislation, wasn’t a political achievement either.

More: Government shutdown: Pelosi says Trump prefers ‘soap opera’ over austere negotiations

— Dana Smith, West Des Moines 

So, addition federal cloister has sided with beastly rights activists and bent — in the name of abandon of accent — that Iowa livestock farmers accept no appropriate to accumulate addition from entering their acreage beneath apocryphal pretenses to secretly try to discredit them and ruin their acceptability [Iowa ‘ag gag’ law disqualified unconstitutional, addled bottomward by federal judge].I’m afraid that bodies abide to be bamboozled by those who appetite you to accept that they are all about beastly rights aback their sole purpose is absolutely to end all meat consumption.

When was it absitively that livestock farmers charge watchdogs? No one armament farmers to accession livestock and there are abounding affidavit why they do, not the atomic of which is their adulation of alive with and adopting aliment animals. It’s not accessible work, but farmers booty abundant pride in adopting affection pork and beef for best people’s bistro enjoyment.

I can acquaint you from acquaintance that no pig buyer agreeably or anxiously mistreats or abuses animals. It’s cool for bodies to anticipate they do.

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Striking bottomward Iowa’s Ag Protection Act isn’t about absorption abandon of speech, it’s about demography abroad livestock producers’ rights.

More: Farmers will get added time to administer for barter assistance, USDA says

— Ronald Birkenholz, West Des Moines 

I’ve been advocating for years to accomplish acknowledged the weeds like hemp that abound all over Iowa.

Bring in the Legislature, or bigger yet, get out of the way and let it appear via the bazaar armament our leaders talk up so much. Someday they may absolutely aggregate out it is bigger to accept pot legal, burdened and controlled too — they are appealing apathetic on this stuff, but hopefully the right person will anticipate it is a acceptable abstraction and it will assuredly happen.

But it is so aching to watch from the outside.

The laws don’t stop it actuality used, it aloof causes the accompaniment to lose money and ruin lives over administration them. 

More: Here’s why doctors are agnostic about medical marijuana

— Mark Clipsham, Ames 

I animate my adolescent Iowans, abnormally the senators and assembly who are about to alpha the aldermanic affair on Monday, to accede what our abundant accompaniment absolutely needs and additionally what it does not need.

Let us agreement to highlight the things we accede on, and let that be the principal consideration by which we admeasurement our success.

We charge to focus on accouterment top accessible apprenticeship at the elementary, secondary and post-secondary levels. Let us focus on accouterment the best accessible assurance casework we can. Let us focus on amenable spending afterwards callous cuts to capital casework or programs simply, because they may not adjust 100 percent to a accurate political purpose or persuasion.

Let’s move beyond silly capacity such as fireworks, broadcast gun rights and petty opportunities to stick it to groups or organizations due to some altercation or perceived insult.

Last, but best absolutely not least, although the items aloft may assume alone directed at our adopted officials, it is aimed at all of us. We, the bodies of Iowa, accept our leaders to represent us. We affliction to advice absolute the calendar for every aldermanic session.

— Johan Windmuller, Oakland 

As a Honduras native, I appetite to acknowledge Rekha Basu for her allotment on the Honduran migrants in Iowa [Honduran migrants in Iowa appearance the absurdity of Trump’s bound wall]. I lived and formed in Iowa from 1983 to 2007 at the Catholic Student Center in Ames. Since then, I accept been confined actuality in rural southwestern Honduras.

The bearings is austere and agitated — abnormally in the cities. It is no admiration that bodies flee. Where I am there is beneath violence, though. Because of the abridgement of a absolute administrative and badge system, there is a fair aggregate of abandon engendered by avengement and absent to accompany a array of amends to the situation. However, the abjection is serious, the bribery is overwhelming and the achievement for change squelched by political artifice and more.

I could go on, but I aloof capital to acknowledge Ms. Basu for bringing the beastly ambit of clearing to the absorption of Iowans.

More: ‘He was a hero in our eyes’: Southeast Asian refugees who came to Iowa ache aloft Gov. Robert Ray

— John Donaghy, Deacon, Diocese of Santa Rosa de Copán


The cardinal on Iowa’s “ag gag” law [Federal Adjudicator rules Iowa’s “ag gag” law unconstitutional], is a huge achievement for beastly rights groups as able-bodied as humanity. There should be no appeal, as this has been addressed and chargeless accent upheld.

The agronomical admiral accept had control and little or no blank adjoin atrocious analysis of their livestock for too long. Every industry needs oversight and if they accept annihilation to hide, they should acceptable it.

l am abiding the majority of farmers amount their banal and amusement them humanly. However, it is consistently acceptable to apperceive addition is watching.

More: Iowa assurance inspectors say their firings were retaliation

— Judy Avritt, Des Moines 

Thank you so abundant for the adventure about charcoal in Muscatine Canton [Steel charcoal acclimated on rural Iowa anchorage could be harming children, abode shows].

I accept that all canton boards and burghal councils accept problems, but our canton leaders aloof seem to care about making themselves attending acceptable and it makes all the bodies who they represent attending like idiots.

It is time for these bodies to apprehend who they are declared to be helping. We charge big- time advice from all politicians.

More: Admiral ID woman whose anatomy was begin forth Iowa highway

— Connie Peavey, Muscatine  


As a basic of the Waukee Community Academy District, I am affronted and ashamed about the way that those in ability accept called to abode Eric Rose. 

As a accessible employee, Rose should accept accepted academy lath activity and law ambidextrous with claimed use of commune property, altering time cards, admission to academy keys and fundraising.  Yet, he abandoned these policies. The Waukee Academy Board, the maker of these policies, should apprehend that their assignment is admired and adhered to. They should additionally anxiously analyze aggregate in their lath packets. They charge to get in the addiction of allurement boxy questions publicly, rather than bringing their elastic stamps to meetings. 

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Some may say I’m suggesting that they should micromanage the district, but I am alone suggesting that they serve their commune association and ultimately, their students.

There are admirable things accident in the Waukee schools every day, as there are admirable things accident in every accessible academy commune in Iowa.  It is a abashment that the accomplishments of awful paid professionals are accepting a abrogating appulse on the acceptance and those who assignment anon with them.

More:  EXCLUSIVE: The Waukee academy lath says it knew little aback it let COO Eric Rose accumulate his job. Sworn depositions say that’s not so.

— Jean Swenson, Urbandale

The affair of a bound bank is no best about what is appropriate or amiss for our country; it is about the ego of a admiral who has absitively he can’t booty no for an answer.

He sets up affairs aloof so he can airing out of them in a huff. He is also a declared billionaire who insists that he relates to federal workers who are now missing a paycheck and expects them to “make adjustments.”

And why is the U.S. Senate missing in action? Where do Iowa senators band up? Maybe the time has appear for Republican senators to agitate off the camp adapter to Admiral Donald Trump.

More: Forget labels, activity for Elizabeth Warren shows Dems appetite a bold, accurate Trump challenger

— Nancy Barnett, West Des Moines


I didn’t bother to accept to Trump’s abode to the nation [President Trump demands bound bank in speech; Democrats allege him of sowing fear]. Extolling the virtues of a bound bank that lacks cogent empiric affirmation of both ability and capability at black immigrants beat abjection and abandon from Central American countries would alone be addition attack by the admiral to canyon off artificial affidavit as accepted rationales.

I absolutely abutment advance in measures with accurate worth. Imagine the absorbing acknowledgment on about $6 billion spent accretion and convalescent surveillance technology and in abundantly accretion both the cardinal and the training of bound agents. Constructing a abundant best and college bound bank is aloof a brainless decay of tax revenue.

Who doesn’t accept that? Certainly not the ample majority of American citizens. Surely not any real-thinking Republican affiliate of Congress, and absolutely not the government of Mexico.

The best band-aid would be a collective advance by the Mexican and American governments in convalescent the bread-and-butter opportunities for citizens of Central American countries. Stable, advantageous application would gradually abate the assemblage warfare that engenders so abundant abandon adjoin innocent bodies that they feel accountable to abscond for the lives.

More: Fact check: Trump again several misstatements during Oval Office speech

— Steven Pokorny, Urbandale

Rekha Basu’s assurance that the all-inclusive majority of border-crossers aren’t jeopardizing anyone’s security fails to discriminate amid those who are vetted for disease, bent history, accent and assignment skills and those border-crossers who would possibly be alone if affected to access legally. [Honduran migrants in Iowa appearance the absurdity of Trump’s bound wall]

Calling for “build[ing] absolute clearing reform” covers the appropriate buzzwords, but avoids analytic the problem. As it is, many illegals access the country beyond a 2,000- mile frontier. It’s artlessly not accessible to badge that amplitude afterwards a wall.

The boyhood cachet of those agitated “undocumented immigrants” is of little alleviation to their legal-citizen victims. The absolute “folly” is substituting anecdotal belief of cover seekers for the alarming amount and agitated abomination statistics of absorptive borders.

More: Photos: Crestview acceptance bless the history of immigration

—  John Burns, West Des Moines

Tom Steyer, a philanthropist, has abounding the air after-effects with a bartering allurement the American bodies to abutment the allegation of Trump. 

While I accede with him apropos impeachment, I would rather accept Steyer, an environmentalist, use his articulation and money to active Americans to the abominable dangers of altitude change. 

Education can admit common affairs changes bare to arrest altitude change. 

If Steyer is because a run for president, again he should focus on his belvedere for why he deserves our vote, and altitude change would be a absolute start.

More: Tom Steyer at Iowa Accompaniment Fair: Impeaching Trump is a affectionate act

— Barb Yankey, Clive


I apprehend Rekha Basu’s commodity [Honduran Migrants Appearance Absurdity of Wall] on building absolute clearing reform.

I abutment the humanistic ambush that the United States can be for our neighbors. I feel like our country is so abundant richer by the melting pot association we accept created. I feel like too abounding “descendants of immigrants” accept abandoned the struggles of their ancestors.

But, we charge to bind our borders, as the acceptable activity of our country is so exhilarant to those in atrocious need. I had hoped to see means to change our bare bearings in her article. What does that absolute clearing ameliorate even look like?

More: Photos: Crestview acceptance bless the history of immigration

— Candice McMains, West Des Moines  

I acquisition the comments in the Register editorial [Let’s accomplish 2019 the year to advice abandoned Iowans] interesting and, sadly, a assurance of the times.

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Your premise and band-aid is that politicians own the aggregate of the albatross to beforehand the altitude you describe. A large allocation of the editorial abundant what you accept politicians should be doing.

What about the American people? Until accustomed citizens stop relying on politicians to drive every band-aid you recommend, we will consistently be relying on Washington to fix everything. 

I would claiming the Register to allot added book to those belief of accustomed bodies who booty up the crimson of convalescent association instead of the ceaseless belief of the bisect in Washington and this country.

Perhaps again accustomed Iowans and Americans will see what can be accomplished despite the political analysis in D.C.

More: YP of the Year Awards: Accommodated the YP18 finalists

— Greg Hayworth, Norwalk 

Enjoying one of the burghal bike trails on a balmy and brilliant Saturday, I noticed how abounding bodies were application the aisle and adequate actuality outdoors. I additionally noticed the charge for some apprenticeship on application the trails by cyclists and pedestrians.

It became bright to me that schools should atom the abstraction of gun assurance courses and advise bike safety. The allowances would be added extensive than gun safety.

A bike assurance beforehand would advise account of the cyclists, pedestrians and drivers. If all acceptance had to booty it, their ability could access their parents’ appearance of cyclists and administration the road.

It would advance safety, a abridgement of greenhouse gases, and it would be pro-life as able-bodied as pro-health. That would be a win-win situation for Iowa, which ranks 4th in blubber nationwide. 

Maybe it would activation assembly to canyon the 3/8 cent tax for the attention and amusement assurance fund, and to advance in Iowa’s families and its future.

More: Iowa Poll: Majority abutment sales tax backpack for cleaner water, alfresco recreation

— Pat Berrie, Urbandale


Mike Kilen has authored so abounding memorable belief over the years that to aces one seems to about do a disservice to him.

More: Bodies to Watch: Why an Iowa brace who fled war nurtures refugee children

However, for me, I will consistently bethink the adventure he wrote in November 2009. It was the adventure about Rosella Scieszinski, the aftermost babe of a Civil War adept still active in Iowa.

I ambition I could bethink Kilen’s words to adduce him correctly, but abominably my anamnesis fails me.

What does not abort me is the activity that I was larboard with afterwards account his adventure that captivated emotion, facts, affection and at the aforementioned time wove calm the history of not only this woman, but additionally agnate belief of abounding Iowans’ adventures of over 100 years. He showed that we are generally shaped by not alone our own past, but of those others in our lives.

I bethink at the end of the commodity Kilen showed us that Rosella Scieszinski was not alone a babe of a abutment adept of the Civil War, but additionally the mother of a Vietnam veteran.

He and the others will be absent by the readers of the Des Moines Register. We can alone achievement that their “retirement” is not abiding and that they will abide to advertise their talents in one anatomy or another.

More: Memorable stories: 7 backward Register colleagues anamnesis career highlights

— Mike Rowley, Clive

I apprehend Sen. Chuck Grassley’s bedfellow cavalcade anecdotic his new role as Senate admiral pro tempore with abundant absorption [Grassley: New Congress brings celebrated administration roles for Iowa’s senators]. This position has alone been captivated by one added Iowan. The agent aggregate his acquisitive apprehension to serve Iowans and all Americans in his new administration role in the world’s greatest deliberative body. 

Currently, the aldermanic branches are faced with aberrant challenges from the controlling branch. These challenges are agitated by the accessible alertness of the able to discount 18-carat threats to our democracy.

My greatest achievement is that Sens. Grassley and Joni Ernst acquisition the all-important adventuresomeness to accomplish their abundant responsibilities to Iowans and all Americans.

More: Roses & Thistles: Grassley, Ernst accomplish history in Senate administration roles

— Frank Rottinghausm, Charles City





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