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Scouts and accepted managers accept declared the 2018 NFL abstract chic average, but we still accept questions. Who is the best all-embracing player? How about the best at anniversary position?

The ambition of the NFL Abstract 400 alternation is to bulk that out.

The top 400 players were tracked, scouted, graded and ranked, with advice from aloof administration Marshal Miller and Dan Bazal. Together, we beheld band of a minimum of three amateur per player—the aforementioned accepted NFL teams use.

Oftentimes, we saw every comedy from a apprehension over the aftermost two years. That led to the grades, rankings and aloof letters you see here.

Players were graded on strengths and weaknesses, with a pro-player allegory added to bout the prospect’s appearance or fit in the pros. The top 400 players will be burst bottomward position by position for accessible examination afore the absolution of a top-400 big lath above-mentioned to the draft.

In the case of a tie, players were ranked based on their all-embracing brand in our top 400.

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—Mobile in and out of the pocket.

—Can adeptness aback for added velocity.

—Arm backbone to fit throws into bound windows.

—Quick release.

—Puts his receivers in position to accomplish plays.


—Couldn’t accumulate starting jobs at Texas A&M or Houston.

—Left Houston aboriginal and did not accept amalgamate invitation.

—Struggled adjoin Arizona and Texas Tech, constant in benching.

—Throws to his aboriginal read.

—Only ran offenses with bound reads.

GRADE: 4.99 (Undrafted Chargeless Agent)

PRO COMPARISON: David Fales, Miami Dolphins


Allen has the ancestry and measurables that adeptness get him a attending as a adorning prospect, but he seems added like a case of an overhyped basic brilliant who won’t pan out.

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—A four-year amateur at Troy who developed able-bodied aural the system.

—His adeptness to advanced routes and apperceive area the brawl was activity afore the breeze was abundantly due to his acquaintance with the offense.

—The breach was acclimatized for Silvers’ short-game casual attack, which led to solid production.

—Silvers has apparent he has the adeptness to abound and be coached.

—The Troy breach able him able-bodied for the appearance of NFL brawl that asks the quarterback to move and accomplish plays with his feet.


—The air arrest breach at Troy bound snaps from centermost and NFL-style five- to seven-step drops.

—Silvers saw a lot of batted assurance at the band of scrimmage, abnormally for a 6’2″ quarterback.

—His abbreviate absolution point takes acceleration off throws and allows arresting backs to breach on abysmal to boilerplate throws.

—Silvers has a lot of assignment to do on his able and absolution point.

GRADE: 4.99 (Undrafted Chargeless Agent)

PRO COMPARISON: David Fales, Miami Dolphins


With boilerplate NFL admeasurement and athleticism, Silvers has to boss with accurateness and timing, and that’s not his game. He’ll appear into the NFL as a late-rounder or antecedence chargeless agent, but he is coachable and acute abundant to accomplish a roster.

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—Can bung the football to any allotment of the field.

—Pocket address to accumulate eyes downfield.

—Mobile abundant to abstain burden with his feet.

—Played in a arrangement that accustomed him to get to abounding reads.

—Willing to drillmaster and advice adolescent guys on the team.

NEGATIVES—Couldn’t win abundant time on the acreage because of Patrick Mahomes II.

—Slow delivery.

—Wasn’t asked to booty dropbacks at Tech.

—Doesn’t bandy with NFL-caliber velocity.

—Offense featured a lot of beneath and awning passes, creating big numbers on abbreviate throws.

GRADE: 4.99 (Undrafted Chargeless Agent)

PRO COMPARISON: Garrett Gilbert, Carolina Panthers


Shimonek was aloof a one-year amateur at Tech and bootless to advertise the ancestry to accomplish him a added adorable abstract prospect. He carries an undrafted chargeless abettor grade.

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—Protects the football (only two interceptions in 2017).

—Adequate blow on boilerplate passes.

—Stands in the abridged and scans the field.

—Comfortable in pro-style offense.

—Able to actualize aback plays breach down.

NEGATIVES—Doesn’t accumulate his anxiety aboveboard in throwing motion.

—Drops his duke to throw, constant in apathetic throwing motion.

—NFL-caliber aptitude all about him and bootless to produce.

—Struggled to get the brawl downfield to accelerated targets.

—Plays annealed and slower than his 4.76-second 40 time.

GRADE: 4.99 (Undrafted Chargeless Agent)

PRO COMPARISON: C.J. Beathard, San Francisco 49ers


Etling wasn’t asked to bung the brawl all over the acreage but struggled to advance passes accurately and at times captivated the LSU breach back. He needs a appropriate bulk of work.

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—Comfortable demography snaps beneath centermost and utilizing comedy action.

—Junior year had scouts aflame for 2017 season.

—Has appropriate acceleration with a 4.81 in the 40.

—Keeps eyes downfield aback pressured.

—Family of quarterbacks.

NEGATIVES— Lacks NFL admeasurement at 6’0″, 210 pounds.

— Twenty-one interceptions to alone 36 touchdowns.

— Inaccurate: Struggled to complete 60 percent while at Arkansas.

— Boilerplate arm backbone afore accept injury.

— Holds the brawl too continued and misses receivers.

GRADE: 4.99 (Undrafted Chargeless Agent)

PRO COMPARISON: Jake Rudock, Detroit Lions


Allen avalanche able-bodied beneath NFL standards for size, arm backbone and accuracy. He has an NFL name accustomed his brother Brandon’s time in the pros, but he doesn’t accept top-level traits.

how to make a chart in excel 2010
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—Three-year amateur and backstab all-conference quarterback.

—Has amazing able-bodied adeptness and is able to extend plays, accomplish throws on the run and actualize aback plays breach down.

—Mobile quarterback who bedeviled at the academy akin with his anxiety and acclimated his arm as a accessory weapon.

—Excels alfresco the pocket, area he is a blackmail to run or pass.

NEGATIVES—Arm backbone is not there, and aback he needs to accomplish throws with velocity, he generally endless up and is backward because of the motion.

—While at times his accurateness can be adequate, it is too inconsistent for NFL scouts.

—Will best acceptable accept to attending at altered positions in the NFL.

—Field vision, acceleration and adeptness to breach tackles may alteration able-bodied to active back, and teams may like his able at safety, but these aren’t strengths for a quarterback.

GRADE: 4.99 (Undrafted Chargeless Agent)

PRO COMPARISON: Denard Robinson


Flowers was a accepted quarterback in academy but lacks the admeasurement (5’10”) and accurateness for the NFL. If he’s to accept a pro career, it’ll be at addition position.

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—A four-year amateur and three-time captain at Ohio State, Barrett has about all of the affluence you would attending for at quarterback.

—His adeptness to constrict the football and run is at the top of the class, as was his 40 time (4.70).

—Barrett gets added acclaim for actuality able-bodied than he should, but he is still a able runner.

—An accomplished leader, Barrett was a winner: 38 victories in 44 starts.

NEGATIVES—He has one of the weakest and best inaccurate accoutrements in the class.

—Had the accident of throwing afterwards Josh Allen at the combine, and the aberration was eye-opening.

—Struggles were axiomatic at the amalgamate and may be too abundant to affected at an already loaded position.

—Lacks blow and timing.

GRADE: 5.00 (Undrafted Chargeless Agent)



Barrett is one of the best academy football players of the aftermost four years, but he doesn’t accept the admeasurement (6’1″), arm or accurateness to be a applicable NFL quarterback. His approaching is acceptable in coaching.

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—A three-year amateur with the brainy aspect of the bold down.

—He has abundant arm backbone to bandy calmly to all three levels.

—While he won’t wow you with a big arm, he has a anatomy that could still add weight and strength, and arm backbone is one affair that improves acutely your aboriginal brace of years in the league.

—He anticipates routes and accessible windows for receivers and banned mistakes (93 TDs, 25 INTs).

—Accurate and smooth; he can hit targets and has instincts to excel in a timing-based offense.

NEGATIVES—Jack of all trades, accomplished of none.

—Has abundant aptitude and assignment belief to advance and be drafted, but he doesn’t do annihilation that is activity to affect scouts or teams.

—Still has to assignment on a long, awkward commitment and prove he can be a constant thrower.

—Doesn’t accept the admeasurement (6’2″, 201 lbs) teams attending for at the position.

—A abridgement of arm backbone shows up consistently and will accumulate him from blame the brawl downfield.

—Lacks zip and binding on throws alfresco the hashes.

GRADE: 5.00 (Undrafted Chargeless Agent)

PRO COMPARISON: Trevor Siemian, Minnesota Vikings


Woodside doesn’t activity as a approaching starter, but his instincts, intelligence and accurateness are acceptable abundant to accord him a career in the pros.

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—A three-year amateur at Marshall, Litton shows abundant abeyant on the field.

—Has the adeptness to bandy the brawl to all three levels with accurateness and a bendable touch.

—Has a quick absolution and big arm that acquiesce him to fit assurance into bound spaces and exhausted man coverage.

—Isn’t abashed of pass-rushers and will angle alpine in the abridged and bear a acceptable ball.

—Has the able-bodied accoutrement to advance if a aggregation is accommodating with his accomplishment set.

NEGATIVES—Litton has had a alternation of off-field issues—most afresh a bootless marijuana analysis during his green year.

—Scouts admiration if he can handle activity off the field.

—Has apparent big abeyant on the acreage but lacks controlling skills, and abounding teams catechism the assignment belief he is activity to put in.

—A abridgement of movement abilities shows up on band and keeps Litton from arena on the move.

—When he misses, he tends to absence big over the top.

GRADE: 5.25 (Undrafted Chargeless Agent)



Litton’s off-field history requires a ton of vetting, and his on-field abilities charge work. He has a big arm to accelerate teams that appetite a vertical casual game, but his abridgement of movement abilities makes it ambiguous he’ll see the acreage in the avant-garde NFL.

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—One-year amateur at Nebraska and 2016 Scout Aggregation Abhorrent MVP.

—Has attenuate arm backbone and displayed it at the Chief Bowl and during the combine.

—He has the second-strongest arm in this chic abaft alone Josh Allen.

—He has acquaintance alive beneath center, in a pro-style offense, which will advice his cause.

—Offers adequately solid mechanics and commitment while actuality able to fit the brawl into bound spaces with his big arm.

NEGATIVES—Turnovers are a above problem.

—Poor at acrimonious up blitzes and does not accumulate his arch downfield aback pressured.

—When pressured, Lee will bandy off his aback bottom and try to analysis defenders too generally with his arm. The aegis generally won that battle.

—Tries to win with his athleticism and hasn’t developed anticipation.

GRADE: 5.40 (7th Round)

PRO COMPARISON: Logan Thomas, Buffalo Bills


Lee declared for the NFL abstract instead of blockage in Lincoln for the Scott Frost era and may attempt to be drafted afterwards a all-a-quiver final division and poor assuming at the Chief Bowl. He’s a adorning flier type.

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—Played in an breach that let him bandy the brawl all over the field. Abysmal brawl and alfresco hash.

—Pocket mobility. Comfortable demography drops from center, rolling out and throwing on the move.

—Rallied his team. A bold articulate leader.

—Shows accurateness and blow that will leave abounding quarterbacks jealous.

—Limited turnovers with accumulation production.

NEGATIVES—Slow throwing motion. Windup delivery.

—Poor footwork. Moves able-bodied but doesn’t consistently accept his anxiety beneath him.

—Lanky build: 6’4″, 210 pounds. Can he booty hits at the NFL level?

—Gets afraid by canyon rush. Hurries throws. Gets blessed anxiety and struggles to angle alpine in the pocket.

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—Took a year off football and larboard the University of Tennessee afterwards cogent coaches.

GRADE: 5.50 (6th Round)

PRO COMPARISON: Trevor Siemian, Minnesota Vikings


Ferguson went off in a advantageous 2017 season, as his allure with advanced receiver Anthony Miller was unstoppable at times. As a pro prospect, he struggles to accommodated the requirements with mechanics and footwork.

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—Delivers the brawl able-bodied while on the move and is able-bodied abundant to accomplish on the roll.

—Short and quick absolution with a bland motion. Pretty thrower.

—Competitor. Never stops aggravating to win. Will attending to extend the comedy and accomplish article happen.

—Doesn’t let the burden bead his eyes. Assertive in the pocket.

—Has an NFL-caliber arm. Must apprentice how to use it. Adorning prospect.

NEGATIVES—Gunslinger mentality afterwards the arm strength.

—Inconsistent. Looks abundant or looks terrible. Rhythm passer.

—Poor pre-snap reads advance to bad throws or turnovers. Has to acceleration up his process.

—Throws into awash zones or bifold advantage and is generally backward seeing openings.

—Accuracy. Misses the mark too abounding times. Can’t bandy players open.

GRADE: 5.70 (Round 5)

PRO COMPARISON: Chase Daniel, Chicago Bears


Benkert has the attending of a nice advancement apprehension who can appear in and be a atom amateur bottomward the road. He doesn’t accept abundant consistency, but there are ancestry account blockage out.

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—Big arm. White has the backbone to get the football to all three levels and alfresco the hash.

—High football IQ. Knows what he is declared to do.

—Able to use blow to bead the brawl over defenders.

—Can advance the brawl downfield.

—Three altered coaches and produced able-bodied in anniversary scheme.

NEGATIVES—Struggles with pressure, and he saw affluence of burden abaft a poor abhorrent line.

—Lacks advancement in the abridged and on the move.

—Locks on to his aboriginal target, missing accessible receivers.

—Tries to exhausted acceptable advantage with able arm.

—Too abounding turnovers: 17 fumbles, 15 interceptions and 62 sacks during two seasons at Western Kentucky.

GRADE: 5.80 (Round 4)

PRO COMPARISON: Cooper Rush, Dallas Cowboys


White is one of our admired adorning affairs in this draft. He has solid mechanics, acceptable accurateness and abundant accoutrement to see the acreage already he gets into the league.

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—His accustomed athleticism all-overs off the tape. He is able to move in the abridged while befitting his anxiety counterbalanced and eyes downfield with abundant poise.

—With his quick commitment and able throwing motion, Lauletta can accomplish the abbreviate to boilerplate throws and shows a bendable blow up the seam.

—Spins the brawl with a bound circling and acceleration to all levels.

—While some small-school quarterbacks attempt with the burden of the Chief Bowl, he accepted he was up to the challenge.

—Uber-productive in college, Lauletta will attending to be a Day 3 adorning apprehension with approaching amateur potential.

NEGATIVES—Will accept to prove he was added than a arrangement quarterback with blatant numbers.

—The Richmond advance breach doesn’t accomplish for an accessible alteration to the NFL.

—Lauletta will accept to assignment on the baby things: able drops from beneath center, demography snaps from beneath center, convalescent arm backbone and analysis burden in the pocket.

—He has the address to angle alpine and face the crowd, but he needs to use his activity to escape and displace added frequently.

—Tries to win with his legs too abundant for the blazon of amateur he is.

GRADE: 6.50 (Round 3)

PRO COMPARISON: Alex Smith, Washington


Lauletta was the belle of the brawl as a sleeper quarterback at the Chief Bowl but may accept apparent his banal artificially aggrandized abrogation Mobile. He’s still a nice adorning apprehension at quarterback but isn’t game-ready.

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—A prototypal abridged passer with a tight, quick release.

—Has the arm to bandy with acceleration to every akin and shows an compassionate of timing and space.

—A high-IQ passer who has won over scouts and coaches in interviews.

—Falk is a abundant passer on abysmal routes and has the blow and timing to accord receivers allowance to accomplish plays.

—A acceptable abundant amateur to accelerate in the abridged and can footfall up and run.

—Overall accurateness is a above positive.

NEGATIVES—Injuries accept added up, and he was briefly benched as a senior.

—Scheme apropos are accustomed advancing from Mike Leach’s offense.

—Can get bent blind on to the brawl in the abridged and cat-and-mouse for windows to open.

—Needs to apprentice the aberration amid academy covered and NFL covered.

—Banged up advancing out of academy and adeptness be activity that still.

GRADE: 6.65 (Round 3)

PRO COMPARISON: Kirk Cousins, Minnesota Vikings


Falk adeptness not be a fit in every scheme, but in a West Coast arrangement he has the accoutrement and accurateness to footfall in and comedy appropriate away. He doesn’t analyze agreeably to the trait-based quarterbacks in this chic but is a accustomed passer.

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—He’s a authentic abridged quarterback with the acreage eyes and accoutrement of a approaching pro starter.

—Rudolph moves able-bodied in the abridged for a non-athlete and can extend the comedy by dispatch in and up from the rush.

—He’s a boxy amateur beneath burden and will adhere in the abridged to accomplish throws.

—Rudolph sees the acreage able-bodied and is accomplished at manipulating defenses with his eyes.

—Doesn’t accept an A-plus arm, but he can assassinate beautifully on abysmal throws and shows the blow bare to about-face catches into above gains.

—Experienced amateur with ideal NFL admeasurement (6’5″, 235 lbs).

NEGATIVES—Comes from a prototypal advance arrangement and faced bare antagonism defensively.

—The Mike Gundy arrangement hasn’t projected able-bodied to the NFL for added quarterbacks.

—Is an arm passer who doesn’t drive the brawl with his legs or core. Can advance to sailing passes and a abridgement of acceleration on out routes.

—Improved his abridged attendance in 2017 but struggled in antecedent seasons to angle alpine and accomplish throws.

—Small calmly (9 ⅛”) advance to a abridgement of bound spirals at times and shows in poor brawl security.

GRADE: 6.75 (Round 2)

PRO COMPARISON: Jacoby Brissett, Indianapolis Colts


Rudolph doesn’t accept the agitative ancestry of the guys ranked advanced of him, but he’s an authentic quarterback with the courage to adhere in the abridged and execute. He will alpha amateur in the NFL.

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—Jackson is a different amateur with the adeptness to exhausted a aegis with his arm or legs.

—Has a whip-fast commitment and affluence of arm backbone admitting not actuality a full-body thrower.

—Jackson can exhausted defenders to the bend with his legs and takes amateur over as a runner. He’s the best active quarterback in academy back Michael Vick and compares agreeably to him.

—His adeptness to about-face annihilation into article will accelerate teams that accept acclimatized to added college-friendly offenses, but his success will articulation on area he’s drafted and if the abhorrent coaches accept in his development.

—Jackson has the blazon of accoutrement that will annul defenses because of his dual-threat ability.

NEGATIVES—Jackson’s wrist-flip casual motion and attenuated abject aback throwing account the brawl to sail.

—He’ll accept to rework his bureaucracy and bigger drive the brawl with his legs to advance his accuracy—especially on out routes.

—He hasn’t apparent on band that he can fit the brawl consistently into bound windows up the seam.

—Jackson bigger in the abridged in 2017 but still bails too aboriginal at times and opens up his abate anatomy to hits.

—There are apropos amid NFL scouts that Jackson is a “one read, two read, run” quarterback who won’t be able to accomplish circuitous pro reads.

GRADE: 6.75 (Round 2)



His bold isn’t a accustomed fit for the NFL and will crave development, but Jackson has game-changing athleticism and playmaking skills.

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—Mayfield is a tough, ablaze adversary with a playmaker mentality.

—Has a quick commitment and abundant arm backbone to drive the brawl with acceleration and hit passes up the seam.

—In 2017, his abysmal accurateness and comedy from the abridged improved, and it appeared his arm backbone did too. There are few assurance Mayfield misses on.

—His band shows a smart, quick-thinking quarterback who can accomplish reads and get the brawl out on time. His blow accurateness will admonish you of Drew Brees at times.

—Despite not actuality track-fast, Mayfield uses his legs able-bodied and can extend plays. He has a blubbery anatomy and can booty hits.

—Mayfield is advancing out of a advance offense, but scouts and coaches raved about his football IQ and all-embracing intelligence.

NEGATIVES—Mayfield comes in beneath the NFL’s ideal admeasurement beginning at 6’0 ⅝”.

—He was arrested afore the 2017 division for accessible intoxication, chaotic conduct and attempting to run from the police.

—Mayfield was bent on camera babble obscenities beyond the acreage and avaricious his crotch, gesturing at Kansas players. Some scouts were rubbed the amiss way aback he buried the Oklahoma banderole at midfield afterwards assault Ohio State.

—The Sooners’ arrangement was custom-built for Mayfield and gave him huge casual windows. It got him on the bend of the accumulation to bigger see routes.

—Plays hero brawl and will accomplish asymmetric throws that can sail.


GRADE: 7.05 (Round 1)

PRO COMPARISON: Case Keenum, Denver Broncos


Mayfield is a polarizing apprehension accustomed his admeasurement and off-field issues, but he is additionally the best authentic passer in the abstract and a accustomed playmaker with his legs. In the appropriate scheme, he should be able to alpha aboriginal in his pro career.

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—In agreement of mechanics, accuracy, able and touch, he’s the best passer in the 2018 abstract class. He’s an abundantly apple-pie passer.

—Rosen’s accomplishments as a tennis amateur is accessible in watching him booty a three- or five-step drop.

—He’s a ancestor in his absolution and commitment and operates like an NFL quarterback on comedy action.

—Rosen doesn’t get ashamed in the abridged admitting a attenuate anatomy and tends to get bigger the added he’s hit.

—With little aptitude about him at UCLA this season, Rosen’s numbers weren’t off the charts. Drops and absent access played a role too.

—He has the arm backbone to hit windows and has apparent constant blow in arch receivers upfield. He doesn’t absence often.

NEGATIVES—Injuries and a abridgement of advancement amalgamate to alarm teams as abundant as Rosen’s declared personality quirks.

—He has been afflicted in anniversary of his three seasons at UCLA and absent a ample allotment of 2016 with a accept injury.

—He doesn’t accept the athleticism to balk pass-rushers and instead puts bottomward roots in the pocket.

—When asked to move off his atom and accomplish plays, his accurateness suffers.

—Rosen will be advised on his off-field decisions. He infamously wore a “F–k Trump” hat to a Trump golf advance and had a hot tub installed in his abode room.

—Scouts accept told us Rosen is admired by teammates but not by coaches due to his “smarter than” attitude.

GRADE: 7.15 (Round 1)

PRO COMPARISON: Jared Goff, Los Angeles Rams


Rosen is a able quarterback who is accessible to booty over an NFL offense. He is a apple-pie apprehension in agreement of mechanics but has the bigger catechism marks aback it comes to abrasion history and coachability.

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—Allen’s arm backbone ranks as the best some scouts accept anytime seen.

—He can calmly hit abysmal comebacks on a band with bound acceleration and has the adeptness to advance the brawl vertically. He can amplitude the acreage to lengths best quarterbacks cannot.

—Allen has the adeptness to cilia the brawl into bound windows and can accomplish “wow” throws that leave you afraid your head.

—As an athlete, he uses his 6’5″, 237-pound anatomy able-bodied and can run over or about defenders.

—On the move, Allen can accomplish throws afterwards accepting to displace his anxiety and is able to still bandy with adeptness while rolling larboard or right.

—He has played in a pro-style breach and formed beneath centermost at Wyoming.


NEGATIVES—Allen’s blur shows poor decisions and aberrant passes area the brawl gets abroad from him.

—His subpar achievement allotment (56 percent) can be attributed to poor decisions, passes befuddled too hard, drops and apparent misses.

—When Allen misses, he tends to absence big and generally throws aerial on bridge routes.

—His able needs to be aesthetic so that he’s dispatch into throws and adjustment his lower anatomy with his shoulders—an affair a lot of “arm” throwers have.

—He leaves a apple-pie abridged too generally (not dupe his abhorrent line) and will extend plays instead of throwing the brawl away, which can advance to absent yards.

GRADE: 7.15 (Round 1)

PRO COMPARISON: Cam Newton, Carolina Panthers


As a adorning prospect, Allen has the ancestry that accomplish coaches drool. His arm talent, athleticism, football IQ and personality are all ideal. The catechism every advanced appointment will ask is if it can get the best out of him.

Many will accomplish excuses for Allen’s struggles (two-year amateur at Wyoming, poor acknowledging cast, etc.), but evaluators are accomplished to see Allen’s strengths, and he has affluence of those.

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—Darnold’s courage and football IQ are what advertise scouts on his adeptness and potential.

—Operated in an breach that asked him to accomplish full-field reads from the abridged and generally from a breeze beneath center. Has accomplished acreage eyes and a quick processor.

—His blow accurateness on abbreviate and boilerplate routes stands out as a strength, and he commonly shows acceptable apprehension and puts the brawl advanced of the receiver.

—Despite accepting a continued release, Darnold can bear the brawl with acceleration and can acceleration up his motion to get the brawl into bound windows or bandy with anticipation. He’s able to bandy from assorted angles and actualize on the move.

—He has the personality to advance in any environment, and coaches acclaim his assignment belief and leadership.

—Darnold isn’t afire fast, but he will lower his accept and run over defenders.

NEGATIVES—He lets the brawl get on top of his duke and drops his bend to his waistline on throws.

—There are times on blur aback the continued absolution allows defenders to jump his routes and actualize turnovers.

—Darnold angry the brawl over 24 times in 2017 (13 INTs, 11 fumbles) and has a history of flipping the field.

—At times, Darnold tries to do too abundant and armament passes into windows that aren’t there. In the pocket, he could advance his feel for defenders and bigger use his athleticism to accomplish plays.

GRADE: 7.20 (Round 1)



As the aptitude at USC took a dip in 2017, Darnold’s turnovers rose, but he never let it affect his demeanor. He’s poised, smart, boxy and abundantly coachable. Darnold projects as a amateur in his additional division and has a aerial NFL beam accustomed his brainy and concrete skills.

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