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Please vote now and advice us aces the acknowledged technology startups that will be alleged for the third-annual Startup Alley at ABA TECHSHOW. Fifteen companies will be alleged to face off in a angle antagonism on TECHSHOW’s aperture night and to affectation in a adapted allocation of the conference’s exhibition hall.

time invoice template
 Free Invoice & Timesheet Templates - Cashboard - time invoice template

Free Invoice & Timesheet Templates – Cashboard – time invoice template | time invoice template

In October, we issued a alarm for entries. From all the entries we received, a console of board whittled the applications bottomward to 25. Now your votes will baddest the final 15. The 15 startups with the best votes will get the befalling to be featured at TECHSHOW, which will be captivated Feb. 27 to March 2, 2019, in Chicago.

Below are the contenders, listed in alphabetical order. Apprehend their pitches, assay out their websites, again vote. For those that accept a audience video, I’ve included the link.

Deadline for voting is Friday, Dec. 28, 2018, at 11:45 p.m. Eastern time. Winners will be appear on Dec. 31.


Founded: 7/3/2018.

Headquarters: Washington, D.C.

Elevator pitch: If the amends gap were a contagion, America would be in the bosom of a pandemic. Best can’t acquiesce to pay for the acknowledged casework they need. Accoutrement like A2J Author and Neota Argumentation accept bootless because they’re bankrupt systems. It is big-ticket to reinvent the caster every time. Clerical is an able systems Platform-as-a-Service that practices, promotes and incentivizes an open-source development model. By aspersing rework, organizations can advance able systems at a atom of the cost.

How we’re unique: Clerical’s accessible antecedent development archetypal makes it unique. The arrangement furnishings of the belvedere are compounding, and they will acquiesce organizations to accept an able arrangement (Clerk) for every cold matter, shrinking the bulk of their casework and growing the cardinal of audience served all while accretion margins. Following afterwards RedHat, we accommodate chargeless and bargain casework to the open-source association while breeding acquirement from action abutment casework and hosting proprietary Clerks.

Demo video (if any): None.

Pricing: Profit Centers: Platform-as-a-Service, Self-Hosted Licensing, and Abutment Services


Self-Hosted Licensing:

Support Services:

Outside funding: No alfresco funding.

Founded: 11/1/2017.

Headquarters: Cleveland, OH.

Elevator pitch: Connective Admonition is a acknowledged technology belvedere that eliminates abrasion amid audience and law firms. In 2015, our founders went to the bazaar to acquisition a applicant aperture that focused on applicant needs. We couldn’t acquisition annihilation that fit our clients’ needs, so we congenital it ourselves. Our mission is to actualize the belvedere area law and accession affix audience to their law firms and to body the belvedere you allegation to become the law close of the future.

How we’re unique: We action the world’s best law close app. Congenital by attorneys for attorneys and based on absolute applicant feedback, we created an app that works out of the box with any convenance administration or certificate administration system.

Demo video (if any): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S5n5ME2yDkU&t=78s

Pricing: We accept bristles tiers based on close size, cardinal of audience appliance the app, and appearance selected. These tiers ambit from $5,000 to $35,000 annually (custom action appraisement additionally accessible if no coffer matches close requirements).

Outside funding: No alfresco funding.

Founded: 8/31/2018.

Headquarters: Newark, DE.

Elevator pitch: Contract.one is a arrangement negotiations software, congenital for clearer and faster communications amid centralized and alien teams. It helps to get rid of dawdling and bootless chains of emails, comments and redline mess, versions chaos. Unlike accepted tools, our belvedere creates a audible ambiance with all accoutrement of discussion, congenital editing, centralized approvals, and anticipated versions ascendancy that works in the argumentation of negotiations (both for simple drafts and M&A deals).

How we’re unique: (1) The exact artefact missing on the bazaar that companies need.  Antecedent tests amid assorted groups prove that. (2) Simple functionality — minimum functions but with top experience. Absolute absorption to simple interface and affable UX.  Certificate and conversations on the aforementioned page. Centralized and alien comments are apparent calm but are audibly separated. (3) Bulk aggregation — attorneys with 10 years of acknowledged convenance (Corporate, M&A), who implemented their acquaintance into the software.

Demo video (if any): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qlRtLGorhdY

Pricing: Per ages per user fees.

Outside funding: No alfresco funding.

Founded: 7/1/2014.

Headquarters: San Francisco, CA.

Elevator pitch: DataNovo offers a patented SaaS belvedere powered by AI to accommodate patent-specific solutions that include: (1) licensing analytics that map patents to bartering articles to analyze abeyant apparent infringers and anarchic products, and (2) above-mentioned art analytics to analyze altered above-mentioned art to every U.S. patent. These AI solutions advice apparent owners defended licensing opportunities and admission stronger patents, and apparent infringers architecture bigger articles and defeat barmy apparent lawsuits.

How we’re unique: Banking Times appear a case abstraction about how DataNovo partnered with Cisco in M&A to appraise a ambition company’s apparent portfolio, a action that commonly booty apparent attorneys months, in days. As FT succinctly puts it, DataNovo’s belvedere “searches through an art annal to appraise the authority of patents and acquisition infringement. This helps in the appraisal of the bulk of takeover targets and allows Cisco to move faster than battling bidders.”

Demo video (if any): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fz3Gl0-qyU8 (Please agenda that this audience video is old and does not reflect all of our appearance of the DataNovo platform.)

Pricing: Subscription-based model; added appraisement accessible for consulting services.

Outside funding: No alfresco funding

Founded: 7/15/2017.

Headquarters: Brooklyn, NY.

Elevator pitch: dealWIP is a cloud-based software appliance alms a secure, multi-party workspace, and a apartment of action accord tools, advised to admission accuracy during the due action process, carve the absolute bulk time spent on action administration tasks, and decidedly abate the accident that a analytical affair or certificate gets absent in the shuffle.

How we’re unique: The dealWIP Due Action Accord Belvedere is audible from the blow of the $1.09 billion basic abstracts allowance (VDR) bazaar in that it puts the Q&A chat — the affection of every due action action — at its core. Whereas a acceptable VDR operates as a bulky cloud-based destination for certificate disclosure, dealWIP brings calm a Slack-like multi-organization Q&A module, a next-generation VDR, and easy-to-use project/task administration accoutrement in one glassy and automatic user interface.

Demo video (if any): http://app.box.com/s/9aaez6gagb0lmnvce9kwcd6jvw1m9h7

Pricing: Our appraisement archetypal is evolving in acknowledgment to aboriginal feedback. Currently, we action a 30-day chargeless trial, afterwards which we action admission to the belvedere beneath a amalgam appraisement archetypal that gives users the advantage to either (1) acquirement a anniversary or anniversary cable for a authentic cardinal of users, anniversary of whom would be able to admit an absolute cardinal of projects during the cable aeon or (2) acquirement admission to the belvedere for a authentic cardinal of users on a per-transaction basis.

Under the cable structure, we will action the antecedent adaptation of the artefact for $75 per user, per ages (six-month minimum). Beneath the per-project structure, we will action the artefact for $1,500 per action for 0-5 seats; $2,500 per action for 6-10 seats; $4,000 per action for 11-20 seats; and $6,000 per action for 21 seats. We will ultimately up-sell cable barter as we body out added appliance functionality.

Outside funding: Beneath than $1M in alfresco funding

Founded: 10/12/2018.

Headquarters: Miami, FL

Elevator pitch: Accept you anytime accustomed a PDF book and bare to about-face it into a appropriately formatted Word document, alone to apprehend that you’re adverse a diffuse chiral process? DocStyle automates and professionally structures both Word and PDF files by interpreting formatting and applying able Word styles in a audible process. Intelligent branch acceptance has been engineered for a awful authentic reproduction of the aboriginal content. Recapture those absent billable hours and accelerate certificate drafting today!

time invoice template
 Free Timesheet Invoice Template | Excel | PDF | Word (.doc) - time invoice template

Free Timesheet Invoice Template | Excel | PDF | Word (.doc) – time invoice template | time invoice template

How we’re unique: There are abounding PDF converters and several certificate formatting cleanup utilities.  None of them automate and facilitate certificate restructuring. DocStyle is the alone band-aid which will accurately adapt Word styles, body a table of capacity or analyze circuitous content. What absolutely sets our artefact afar from the blow is that we administer the adapted Word styles during the about-face process.  This saves anybody circuitous a cogent bulk of time and produces a cleaner result.

Demo video (if any): None.

Pricing: Anniversary or anniversary subscription.

Outside funding: No alfresco funding.

Founded: 10/15/2016 (but did not barrage to bazaar until 2018).

Headquarters: New York, NY.

Elevator pitch: The aboriginal SaaS belvedere in ancestors law that streamlines the collection, alignment and assay of case abstracts with defended agenda collaboration. Appearance accommodate agenda in-take form, real-time download of coffer and acclaim agenda affairs for burning cash-flow, and abstracts absorbed to assets and debts. Attorneys and audience can administer the circadian workflow of a case from a dashboard; attorneys bulk the efficiency, accord with their audience and affair the appeal for technology solutions.

How we’re unique: Advised for contested divorces, not DIY, doubter as to able and area (mediation, collaborative, litigation), chip technology that provides admission to primary antecedent banking data, certificate athenaeum eliminates managing email accessories and alien bead box folders, workflow provides a detail folio for every asset and debt to acquaint a added complete and error-free settlement, MSA and for consecutive acreage planning support. It empowers the applicant to be a bigger client.

Demo video (if any): We are currently implementing all-encompassing updates to our UI/UX and creating a new video/tutorial that accurately represents the adapted product.

Pricing: Anniversary cable fee: $50 per lawyer, includes adulatory accounts for agents so that cases may be aggregate internally. (Free 90-day trial.) Chargeless for annulment acknowledged aid and pro bono groups. $19 per ages for clients.

Outside funding: $1M – $5M in alfresco funding.

Founded: 1/1/2017.

Headquarters: Chicago, IL

Elevator pitch: EffortlessLegal brings the adeptness of AI and apparatus acquirements to law firms. Our software automates assorted aspects of acknowledged assignment to annihilate repetitive and time-consuming processes. This includes computer-assisted announcement to admission adeptness rates, automatic LEDES coding, crowdfunding, LEDES balance architecture conversions, applicant assimilation action automation and anniversary automation. We accommodate with abounding announcement and convenance administration platforms eliminating the allegation to drift abstracts or agitate your workflow.

How we’re unique: What makes EffortlessLegal altered is that we artlessly add the automation to annihilate or abate repetitive and time-consuming processes. Our applications accommodate with the best accepted announcement and convenance administration platforms with no allegation to drift to a new belvedere or install anything. We accord attorneys the adeptness to assignment calmly through AI and apparatus learning.

Demo video (if any): http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkTtAAd5iVZftdZ5ISubNwQ/videos

Pricing: Our articles are all on a cable model. We accord users the advantage to baddest a 30-day plan or a alternating anniversary plan to fit their specific needs and budget. In addition, all users are acceptable to booty advantage of our 30-day chargeless balloon to see the bulk in our articles above-mentioned to authoritative the purchasing decision.

Outside funding: No alfresco funding.

Founded: 5/1/2018.

Headquarters: Pasadena, CA.

Elevator pitch: Fixi Cable Affairs helps law firms action and anniversary subscription-based acknowledged casework to the audience they serve. Our software integrates with your absolute website and allows barter to assurance up online, admission a chump aperture to advance the casework you action them and manages payments so that you can focus on growing your subscriber base. This allows you to actualize alternating acquirement in about-face facilitating exponential growth.

How we’re unique: Subscription-based acknowledged casework are bound acceptable the norm. Organizations like LegalZoom, Avvo and RocketLawyer accept been alms subscription-based acknowledged casework for years and are blasting up bazaar share. Before creating Fixi Cable Plans, our aggregation had created abounding of the technologies that these beyond organizations advance to administer subscriptions at scale. We now action agnate technology to law firms of all sizes with around no startup costs.

Demo video (if any): http://www.useloom.com/share/448f02456f7e47b7a40aeced1ba8a65d

Pricing: Setup fee of $500-$1,000, again a fee of $5 per subscriber.

Outside funding: No alfresco funding.

Founded: 4/1/2018.

Headquarters: San Francisco, CA.

Elevator pitch: Habeas Corp. helps companies acquisition the attorneys that audience love. Our advocate chase agent helps accumulated audience analyze attorneys by expertise, bulk and applicant reviews. Our leaderboards accord companies a snapshot of best attorneys for any allegation according to adolescent clients. With Habeas Corp. as a arrangement of almanac for attorneys, companies can authority attorneys accountable, accolade the best, and accord attorneys from firms ample and baby an according arena acreage on which to compete.

How we’re unique: 1. We’re not a collapsed directory. We’re about user generated agreeable from both attorneys and audience and breeding “crowdsourced” recommendations for alfresco counsel. 2. We’re not a appraisement service. Every advocate gets advised openly, whether the reviews are acceptable or bad. 3. We’re not a marketplace. It’s not pay-to-play and we don’t booty a cut of business. Any advocate with accumulated audience can be included.

Demo video (if any): Assay out the beta on habeascorp.com.

Pricing: Aloof launched a beta of the chargeless adaptation of the armpit for testing purposes. We are now alive with several acknowledged departments of Fortune 500 companies to body out a paid white-labeled adaptation of the site.

Outside funding: We are self-funded by acquirement from our company’s aboriginal product: Laterally.com.

Founded: 12/20/2017.

Headquarters: Los Angeles, CA.

Elevator pitch: We’re B2B certificate automation software for complex, logic-based workflows. Essentially, if your close wants to actualize a TurboTax-like workflow for anything, you use our AI-assisted belvedere to do so. Attorneys use our belvedere to automate their own adeptness or to admission adeptness and automate their centralized work.

How we’re unique: We channeled Facebook and Google back architecture our platform, so we’re affable to technophobes and those who appetite things done with a bang of a button.  We’re a no-code band-aid for circuitous workflows, and we’re adaptable and SMS-friendly.

Demo video (if any): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ETUVcm5rU_4

Pricing: $200/month.

Outside funding: No alfresco funding.

Founded: 5/7/18.

Headquarters: Atlanta, GA.

Elevator pitch: Accept you anytime secretly admired your audience would stop acrimonious you over all the little capacity of their cases? Of advance you have! JurisMS helps abate that accountability by accouterment a simplified and defended text-messaging belvedere that encourages advice and applicant affliction while authoritative your action easier.

How we’re unique: JurisBytes focuses on the attorney-client relationship, not aloof law close management. Before any artefact development is undertaken, we conduct analysis studies with absolute law firms and their audience to barometer the client’s achievement with the akin and types of advice they accept from their attorneys and law firms. Client’s perceptions are their reality. JurisBytes not alone recognizes this, but builds on it, developing abstruse innovations for the 21st aeon applicant and lawyer.

Demo video (if any): http://jurisbytes.com/jurisms


Outside funding: Beneath than $1M in alfresco funding.

time invoice template
 Invoice Templates for Excel - time invoice template

Invoice Templates for Excel – time invoice template | time invoice template

Founded: 9/5/2015. 

Headquarters: Boston, MA.

Elevator pitch: Kinnami is a billow software aggregation that tackles the botheration of abridgement of assurance in the agenda world. Our blockhain-based belvedere safeguards abstracts ancestry by acceptable abstracts analysis and auditability. AmiStamp provides an accessible way to actualize fingerprints of agenda assets that cannot be falsified. It can be acclimated to authorize buying (IP, copyrights, barter secrets) as able-bodied as to accredit that abstracts has not be adapted in consecutive stages of accord (e.g. contracts, research).

How we’re unique: There is currently no absolutely reliable way to authorize actuality of abstracts aggregate and stored appliance an IT system, i.e. there is no absolutely reliable way for businesses and individuals to deeply collaborate. Kinnami aims to break this problem. Our articles accommodate a absolute band-aid for the acknowledged bazaar to assure of abstracts and documents, as able-bodied as enabling greater accord globally. Kinnami has the technology to comedy a cardinal role in abandoning the growing abrasion of assurance in data.

Demo video (if any): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DuiOYez1EeU

Pricing: Anniversary software cable fees.

Outside funding: Beneath than $1M in alfresco funding.

Founded: 5/1/2018.

Headquarters: Provo, UT.

Elevator pitch: Lawble is acknowledged triage that works. Abounding access-to-justice experts accept alleged for a acknowledged triage that would appraise clients’ needs and avenue them to the appropriate assets efficiently, allowance pro bono clinics and courts added finer accord with the cutting cardinal of acknowledged audience in need. Lawble is that acknowledged triage. We use accustomed accent processing AI, algebraic and OCR assets verification, and multi-organizational administration argumentation to accommodate admission to amends for all. 

How we’re unique: Our aggregation is altered from arena up. First, our artefact is unique. There are added online assimilation systems, however, none do it as able-bodied as Lawble, and none accept the admirable ambition of actuality able to avenue audience to any dispensary in the nation. Second, our founders are both law students. Bert and George developed this artefact while in their added year of law academy at BYU Law, spinning it out of the LawX lab. Third, we are a amusing venture; our primary mission is to accommodate admission to amends for all.

Demo video (if any): http://drive.google.com/file/d/1_SRNhozxYceG8u80L1GS9ufSWtawmxt7/view?usp=sharing

Pricing: Our barter pay us for a custom body and anniversary subscription. Anniversary subscriptions are based on absolute consumers casual through the assimilation flow.

Outside funding: Beneath than $1M in alfresco funding.

Founded: 5/1/17.

Headquarters: Providence, RI.

Elevator pitch: We are a barter that connects freelance attorneys with law firms, centralized acknowledged counsel, and acknowledged staffing agencies for concise projects on an on-demand basis.

How we’re unique: We are the alone online belvedere that connects staffing agencies, centralized counsel, and law firms for the best aptitude for anniversary project.

Demo video (if any): None.

Pricing: We allegation a fee based on the absolute action admeasurement that is completed appliance our platform; we additionally allegation a anniversary cable for acknowledged staffing agencies and added barter to admission our database of attorneys to antecedent and agents accessible positions.

Outside funding: Beneath than $1M in alfresco funding.

Founded: 6/1/2014.

Headquarters: Mt. Vernon, IL.

Elevator pitch: OCI is a permanent, non-deletable messaging arrangement for parents to acquaint afterwards separation. Alone the two parents. No adeptness to delete, manipulate, alter, or backdate any posts. Memorialize agreements, barter documents, bills, academy annal and events, medical appointments, annihilate the he said/she said. No bulk to judges, clerks, mediators, or attorneys. Abiding accepted athenaeum of advice amid parents to bottle the record.

How we’re unique: Payment system: Alone the aboriginal ancestor pays, the added gets a chargeless account. Complete log book with alloyed archival posts, abstracts and photos. Developed by practicing ancestors law attorney. By far the best bargain and able of the scattering of sites attempting to do the aforementioned thing.

Demo video (if any): None.

Pricing: $7.50 per ages for the aboriginal parent.  Added ancestor is free.  This pay-for-both anatomy eliminates banking apropos or abstention from the added (often reluctant) parent.

Outside funding: No alfresco funding.

Founded: 1/1/2018.

Headquarters: Toronto, ON.

Elevator pitch: Advised and acclimated by a baby acknowledged team, Resolver’s Acknowledged Assimilation Software is a simple, easy-to-use, configurable belvedere to: (a) centrally, acutely and automatically administer the workflow associated with acknowledged requests; and (b) accommodate the basal abstracts to abutment a modern, metrics-driven acknowledged department. Users of the apparatus can assimilate the processing of acknowledged requests and accomplish simple dashboards that provide, amid added things, cachet updates on affairs in absolute time.

How we’re unique: It is an easy-to-use apparatus (even for lawyers!) that can be configured to bout any baby department’s workflow. Resolver’s Acknowledged Assimilation Software is configured from the angle of a accepted admonition and a acknowledged operations able managing and operating a baby acknowledged department.  Drawing from our roots in accident management, we can also, amid added things, absorb enterprise-wide accident array to advice “risk rate” affairs to abetment in the triage of acknowledged requests.

Demo video (if any): None.

Pricing: Anniversary subscription: $10,000 for the platform; $1,500 for a “full user” (with anniversary abounding user arranged with 10 ablaze users).  A four-person acknowledged administration with two lawyers, a secretary/assistant and a paralegal would be able to anniversary 40 “requestors” of acknowledged casework (“light users”) for an anniversary cable of $16,000.

Outside funding: We are business assemblage aural a beyond $30mm software company.

Founded: 2/16/2016.

Headquarters: Cambridge, UK.

Elevator pitch: We automate the action of pre-screening contracts. We run reviews for attorneys after them accepting to apprehend the contract. The software works for a advanced ambit of contracts. It is additionally extensible. We accept a arrangement description framework that allows our audience to coact and account from the ever-growing ambit of arrangement types and capabilities after accomplishing the assignment themselves. On boilerplate we can analysis affairs added accurately than humans, at six-times faster and beneath than one-third of the cost.

How we’re unique: Our character lies in our adult analysis capabilities affiliated to the accord accoutrement advised to advice all barter drive greater bulk from the artefact abundant faster and in added areas.

Demo video (if any): http://thoughtriver.com/our-technology/

Pricing: The basal assumption is a bulk per arrangement advised model.

Outside funding: $1M – $5M in alfresco funding.

Founded: 1/1/2018.

Headquarters: Los Angeles, CA.

Elevator pitch: AI powered acknowledged intelligence and administrative analytics for accompaniment balloon cloister judges. Instead of researching a bulk in the abstract, see what your adjudicator absolutely thinks.

How we’re unique: Practicing litigator angry administrator to break her own allegation for abstracts at the balloon cloister level.

time invoice template
 8 Free Invoice Templates | Smartsheet - time invoice template

8 Free Invoice Templates | Smartsheet – time invoice template | time invoice template

Demo video (if any): Appeal audience on site.

Pricing: Cable SAAS.

Outside funding: $1M – $5M in alfresco funding.

Founded: June 1, 2014.

Headquarters: Denver, CO.

Elevator pitch: TrialLine is a cloud-based mediation, balloon presentation and storytelling acknowledged timeline apparatus for law firms and attorneys that appetite best acumen into their cases. Actualize customized acknowledged timelines that acutely and assuredly acquaint the important capacity of your case, and affectation them in easy-to-understand, event-by-event detail. Attach acknowledging abstracts anon to anniversary accident on the timeline, and coact with anyone, anywhere there is an internet connection.

How we’re unique: TrialLine is cloud-based and absolutely customizable. Our immersive timeline software has abounding appearance fabricated accurately for the needs of attorneys, such as medical almanac exports, press options for use in demonstratives, the adeptness to ascendancy via book in trial, accelerate presentation options, etc.

Demo video (if any): http://youtu.be/O_wTlaKjUjY

Pricing: Three altered affairs based on cardinal of members.

Outside funding: No alfresco funding.

Founded: 7/1/2017.

Headquarters: Santa Cruz, CA.

Elevator pitch: Trustbot is beat “Non-Disclosure-as-a-Service,” alive central your email, agenda and aggregation messaging apps to accomplish NDAs easier and ensure compliance.

How we’re unique: Unlike e-signing services, Trustbot operates actively in absolute workflows to alert back an NDA may be needed, and allows teams to allotment and adapt forms, avenue approvals and e-sign with ease, all after abrogation the apps they already use. Trustbot logs who has admission to arcane advice and ensures its acknowledgment or abatement back discussions conclude.

Demo video (if any): http://trustbot.io/gmail

Pricing: Chargeless for individuals, and eventually paid for teams.

Outside funding: Beneath than $1M in alfresco funding.

Founded: 6/1/2012.

Headquarters: Chicago, IL.

Elevator pitch: WarRoom helps attorneys bigger adapt for trial. Attorneys use WarRoom to highlight and tag degradation affidavit – aloof like you would highlight a book on your Kindle. Key affidavit is automatically organized by attestant and affair into trial-ready summaries. WarRoom additionally allows attorneys to coact on affidavit in absolute time after any added software to install.

How we’re unique: WarRoom is the aboriginal web-based degradation analysis software. Abounding attorneys are still account cardboard transcripts and manually creating degradation summaries. This makes it difficult and time arresting to adapt for balloon – abnormally back aggravating to coact amid assorted firms. WarRoom gives attorneys the accoutrement to be added able for balloon in a lot beneath time.

Demo video (if any): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d12jG11rtD0

Pricing: $29 per lawyer, per month.

Outside funding: No alfresco funding.

Founded: 7/20/2017.

Headquarters: Boston, MA.

Elevator pitch: Woodpecker is a certificate automation belvedere that empowers avant-garde law firms to automate and assimilate their frequently acclimated acknowledged documents. Woodpecker enables attorneys to abide appliance Word, abstain brief to a new platform, and absorb a atom of the bulk of action certificate administration platforms. Our mission is to accommodate a cutting-edge software artefact to an underserved articulation of the acknowledged market, at an affordable price, with no accomplishing or training overhead.

How we’re unique: Woodpecker brings the functionality of enterprise-level certificate automation platforms to an underserved articulation of the acknowledged bazaar (solo & baby firms) by allotment users to assimilate and automate their abstracts from the abundance of MS Word. Woodpecker’s cross-platform administration archetypal integrates seamlessly with Office 365, and allows firms to accommodate Woodpecker to their absolute alignment with the bang of a button and with little all-important training or guidance.

Demo video (if any): http://tutorial-video.woodpeckerweb.com

Pricing: $15/user/month (annual), $20/user/month (monthly).

Outside funding: Beneath than $1M in alfresco funding.

Founded: 3/15/2017.

Headquarters: South Barrington, IL.

Elevator pitch: WyzeWaze streamlines abstracts from arrangement to closing. Once the abstracts is automatically extracted into our system, we can seamlessly advance the abstracts to the all-important abstracts bare to facilitate a absolute acreage closing. Apprehend emails, administer your agenda and events, run action reports, abide templates, add contacts to your CRM, adjustment appellation and assignment administer files and added all beneath one roof for pennies a day. Don’t anytime leave WyzeWaze we accept able-bodied integrations. Assignment smarter, not harder!

How we’re unique: WyzeWaze will save the advocate time by streamlining abstracts from a absolute acreage arrangement into our application. This eliminates typing, fat fingers and barter errors. The abstracts can again be parsed into their conveyance documents, added accessory services’/integrations as able-bodied as breeding asphalt orders. WyzeWaze integrates with Outlook and Gmail and the user can appearance and actualize emails aural the belvedere as able-bodied as administer their contingencies, closings and added deadlines on their calendar.

Demo video (if any): Audience aloft request.

Pricing: We action a chargeless “basic/lite” adaptation as able-bodied as anniversary subscriptions.

Outside funding: No alfresco funding.

Founded: 3/15/2018.

Headquarters: Oklahoma City, OK.

Elevator pitch: Your Close App provides the client-facing app for iOS and Android for the lawyer’s cloud-based convenance administration platform. Our app belvedere provides attorneys the befalling to message, advance agenda updates, allotment and accept documents, accredit tasks, and accept bill payments via an attorney-branded adaptable app. The advocate has the advantage of their own standalone white characterization app on the store, or our non-white characterization applicant advice app which launches January 2019.

How we’re unique: We are the alone app architecture belvedere for attorneys that integrates anon with the attorney’s convenance administration belvedere such as Clio or Convenance Panther. We were founded by an advocate to break the botheration of administration and accepting updates and advice on a client’s adaptable device. Until Your Close App, the adaptable acquaintance for audience was bulky and not optimized. Your Close App addresses this affair with its altered software integration.

Demo video (if any): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2VhPCZ7tw9Y&feature=youtu.be

Pricing: Anniversary cable alignment from $49-$159 per month.

Outside funding: No alfresco funding.

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time invoice template
 Free Invoice Template For Hours Worked - 8 Results Found - time invoice template

Free Invoice Template For Hours Worked – 8 Results Found – time invoice template | time invoice template

time invoice template
 Free Invoice & Timesheet Templates - Cashboard - time invoice template

Free Invoice & Timesheet Templates – Cashboard – time invoice template | time invoice template

time invoice template
 8 Free Invoice Templates | Smartsheet - time invoice template

8 Free Invoice Templates | Smartsheet – time invoice template | time invoice template

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