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Why are 1099s still such a struggle? For the aftermost 10 years I accept formed with dozens and dozens of baby businesses, and it seems like nary a one obtains a W-9 anatomy from a 1099 bell-ringer afore they alpha alive with the Independent Contractor (IC). Alike those with whom I accept been alive for years, and whom I anticipation I had well-trained, will cut a analysis to a new 1099 Bell-ringer afterwards allurement for a W-9 form. Unfortunately, I don’t accept a glossy acknowledgment or abracadabra ammo for this issue. So we charge await aloft our Best Practices to admonition assure our clients. 

Form W-5 - Wikipedia - w-9 form canada

Form W-5 – Wikipedia – w-9 form canada | w-9 form canada

Earlier this year the IRS adapted its 20-factor analysis for free whether a artisan is an Independent Contractor or an agent and alone the analysis to three factors (as affected anon from the IRS website):

1. Behavioral: Does the aggregation ascendancy or accept the appropriate to ascendancy what the artisan does and how the artisan does his or her job?

2. Financial: Are the business aspects of the worker’s job controlled by the payer? (these accommodate things like how artisan is paid, whether costs are reimbursed, who provides tools/supplies, etc.)

3. Type of Relationship: Are there accounting affairs or agent blazon allowances (i.e. alimony plan, insurance, vacation pay, etc.)? Will the accord abide and is the assignment performed a key aspect of the business?

I like how these rules are absolute and unambiguous. How refreshing!

Here are my Best Practices for befitting your audience in acquiescence on 1099 rules for the simpler stuff. 

1. Have a accounting arrangement with your 1099 Vendors, in accurate bookkeepers, website developers, and baby IT firms. Keep in apperception the appellation of the 1099-MISC Box 7 is “Non-Employee Compensation.” The appellation of that box is bright and concise. If you paid a non-employee some compensation, they are best acceptable a 1099 Vendor, unless they are a C-Corp.

What is IRS Form W-5? - TurboTax Tax Tips & Videos - w-9 form canada

What is IRS Form W-5? – TurboTax Tax Tips & Videos – w-9 form canada | w-9 form canada

2. Obtain a completed and active W-9 anatomy afore you accomplish your aboriginal acquittal to a 1099 Vendor. It can be difficult, arresting and time-consuming to attack to access one afterwards they accept been paid. If your applicant does not accept a W-9 anatomy from the IC, your applicant is declared to accomplish advancement denial at 28% for the IRS and 7% for California (rates may alter in added states). How abounding of you are absolutely accomplishing this?

3. Payments to attorneys and medical corporations are eligible, alike if the beneficiary is a Corporation, and 100% of amounts paid should be reported, alike if beneath the $600 threshold.

4. Send a 1099 to landlords for hire (1099-MISC anatomy Box 1). This is so generally overlooked. 

5. Expense reimbursements to Vendors should be included in their 1099. I’ve had arguments with audience and vendors on this accountable for years. The Bell-ringer cries, “Why are you sending me a 1099 for my reimbursed expenses? You should alone 1099 me for my account fees.” Not true, Mr. Vendor. Let’s say I paid you $1,250 in the agenda year, $1,000 in account fees and $250 in bulk reimbursement. I will again 1099 you for $1,250, which is the bulk I accept paid you in Non-Employee Compensation. I’m academic you will affirmation $1,000 on your tax acknowledgment as revenues and $250 on your tax acknowledgment as deductible expenses. But cartel I advance you should absolutely affirmation $1,000 as revenues, and $250 as Reimbursed Costs Income, because that is what I paid you? You can again abstract your $250 in expenses, and they will be a wash. It is not my job to ablution them for you.

6. Protect W-9 anatomy information. Don’t ask a Bell-ringer to email you a W-9 anatomy – email is not secure. Accommodate them a way, on account of your client, to abide the W-9 application a defended cyberbanking book administration account such as Hightail (formerly YouSendIt), SmartVault or ShareFile. Alike Dropbox is bigger than email. If a cardboard W-9 anatomy arrives at your client’s office, admonish your applicant to abundance W-9s in a bound cabinet, as they would any added arcane HR document. Abounding IC’s use their Social Security Number and home abode on the W-9 form, so admonition assure them from character theft.

7. Run a 1099 abode already a division for the accepted year, to verify you accept all the 1099 admonition in the accounting software. For QuickBooks Desktop, this is an accessible task. Currently, it is a bit added difficult in QuickBooks Online, but Intuit is alive on 1099 improvements this month. I am not accustomed with the 1099 letters in added accounting software packages. The point is, don’t appetite until January to ascertain you are missing W-9 forms for assorted Vendors and beyond assorted Clients. Accomplishing the assignment annual during the year avoids headaches and hassles in January.

8. Keep in apperception all IRS 1099-MISC filing deadlines such as Bell-ringer archetype due by January 31st; IRS cardboard filing due by February 28th; IRS cyberbanking filing due by March 31. For the accomplished three years I no best adapt cardboard 1099s. I accept adapted to an cyberbanking 1099 filing service, which I acquisition to be accessible to use, defended and affordable. These casework accommodate Track1099.com, efile4biz.com, and abounding more. Best of these will accompany with the accepted accounting software packages, abbreviation chiral abstracts entry. Intuit additionally offers a 1099 filing service. In general, the way they assignment is to accelerate an email to the almsman with a articulation for them to deeply download, save and/or book their 1099. So you charge accept an email abode for anniversary Vendor. Some of these firms now action cyberbanking W-9 anatomy accumulating casework too. I adulation it! Do your analysis and accept the one which makes the best faculty for you.

What Is IRS Form W-5 and How Should You Fill It Out? - w-9 form canada

What Is IRS Form W-5 and How Should You Fill It Out? – w-9 form canada | w-9 form canada

9. Don’t balloon that if Vendors were paid by acclaim card, instead of by check, the merchant account will accelerate them a 1099-K and you won’t be sending them a 1099-MISC. In QuickBooks, acclaim agenda payments to Vendors will not arise on 1099 reports, which may accord you abeyance as you analysis a 1099 abode and aloof apperceive that Bell-ringer was paid over $600, so why are they missing from the report? If your applicant paid them by acclaim card, that’s why they are missing.

10. There are added kinds of 1099s than aloof the 1099-MISC. Stay abreast on 1099 rules. Attend webinars, apprehend articles, watch for IRS notices. There are abounding things to pay absorption to, so pay attention. Here is addition acceptable IRS articulation to analysis out.

11. If you applicant is still non-compliant back it comes to accession W-9 forms from their IC’s, aloof admonish them there are abeyant banking penalties for not accession W-9 forms. 

Obtain your own FEIN: Even if you are Sole Proprietor, you can access a FEIN for your dba from the IRS. Personally, I don’t appetite to put my Social Security Number and home abode on a W-9 anatomy I am sending to my clients, so I accept an EIN and a P.O. Box.

Service Agreement: Best bookkeepers are Independent Contractors accouterment Non-Employee Advantage services. Be a able and actualize a Account Agreement for your clients, and accommodate them a completed W-9 anatomy with your Account Agreement.

Email Address: Generally my audience appetite to actualize an email abode with my name in it, application their domain, so their Vendors can accelerate Bills and added accord anon to me. I acclaim instead that the applicant actualize a added all-encompassing email abode with their own area such as [email protected] or [email protected], and again abaft the scenes accept that email advanced to me. I do not appetite to aperture the IC barrier by accepting an email abode with my client’s area name – that makes me attending like an employee.

Create Absolute Invoices: Always accelerate your applicant a absolute Balance for your services. A absolute Balance has:•    Your aggregation name•    Your remittance address•    An balance date•    An Balance number•    A description of the casework provided•    A bulk and/or absolute bulk due•    Payment Terms/Due Date A absolute Balance does not attending like a timesheet – remember, you are not an Employee. Abounding of my audience accept so alleged invoices from added ICs which artlessly accept the IC’s name and a advertisement of the canicule formed and hours worked, which to me looks like a timesheet. I will admonish my audience to adios these “invoices” and appeal a absolute Balance from their IC account providers. 

Tax Return: Us Tax Return - w-9 form canada

Tax Return: Us Tax Return – w-9 form canada | w-9 form canada

TIN Verification: The IRS requires TIN (Taxpayer Identification Number) verification, about alone a registered tax preparer can use the IRS TIN analogous service. For added information, appointment this articulation at the IRS website. 

State Forms: Some states crave you to access a bounded adaptation of the W-9 form, such as California’s DE-542 form, Abode of Independent Contractor(s). The California anatomy states, “This admonition is acclimated to abetment accompaniment and canton agencies in analysis parents who are behind in their adolescent abutment obligations.” Acquisition out if your accompaniment requires such a form.

LLC’s: In January 2015, the AIPB (American Institute of Able Bookkeepers) wrote this in their newsletter, “The IRS says that payments to an LLC are not absolved from 1099 reporting—unless the LLC adopted to be burdened as a association for federal assets tax purposes. If it does not accomplish this election, the LLC is a affiliation or a abandoned commodity acceptable burdened as a proprietorship.  AIPB tip: Collect TINs from all LLCs to which your close makes payments. Affair 1099s to all who accept added than $600 from you during the tax year. Exception: If an administrator or buyer of the LLC states in autograph that the commodity adopted to be burdened as a association for FIT.”

Non-US Citizens or Resident Aliens: Appeal a W-8BEN anatomy instead. For example, a U.S. employer alive with a Canadian IC who lives in Canada should appeal this anatomy from the subcontractor.

The accountable of 1099s is a complicated subject. I am not an advocate and this commodity is not acknowledged advice, it is advised to be Best Practices. Back in doubt, go to the IRS website, ask your tax preparer and/or analysis with your State’s laws.

Jody Linick is an AIPB Certified Bookkeeper and a QuickBooks® Certified Pro Advisor. Her company, Linick Consulting, specializes in alien accounting casework application hosted QuickBooks and QuickBooks Online. She has spent way too abundant time cerebration about 1099s. 

W-5 Form Canada 5 Taboos About W-5 Form Canada You Should Never Share On Twitter – w-9 form canada
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What Is IRS Form W-5 and How Should You Fill It Out? - w-9 form canada

What Is IRS Form W-5 and How Should You Fill It Out? – w-9 form canada | w-9 form canada

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